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This anime just popped up as a top 10 on so I had to watch it, I somehow missed this spring release and had to play catch up. Basic synopsis is a boy who plays an online game, he proposes to a girl character finishing out she is a "guy" later gives up on gaming love. Then a girl repeatedly confesses her love to him so he ends up marrying her in the game. Many in game occurrences and out of game occupancies happen from here on out making this anime funny and interesting!! I can say I'm enjoying it and def get many laughs along the way as well as the cute and hot looking characters. High school or not, they dress them and look too mature haha!!! This seriously is a cute anime!! Like makes me smile and happy and think about myself and life with anime and manga for real life!! Btw don't be a "NORMIE" hahaha Anime is life!! Add it to the list of your not onboard NAKAMA!!
I've been watching it!! :D
Love this so far
@kurosakijess @tylor619cruz @hikaymm Have you seen this NAKAMA someone tell me I'm not old by saying this anime is cute haha, it really is a cherishing moment type anime of constant cuteness!! Well maybe it's just how my feelings come off IRL and that I am a positive happy person. Lol. I swear cute fits this anime!! I would drag more in but I was too lazy while watching this anime haha!! Please forgive🙏🙏