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Let go of your fears, your inhibitions. This is especially meaningful for me because I went through a really tough phase in my adolescence. I was depressed for most part of my school time and I had no friends. The ones I thought who were my friends were the first to leave me when something went wrong. It's difficult when there are people who judge you all the time and you can't be yourself. But I learnt so much in that time. I learnt the need to be myself and remember to carry myself with dignity. I didn't want to be one of those girls who got into catfights and gossipped the whole day. I learnt the importance of relationships and I realized the need to take things on headfirst. You gotta be brave and being sensitive is never bad, no matter what others say. By the time I emerged, I was a totally different person! Have you gone through something really negative which was a difficult time for you?