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Dream come true!! Yes most def!! Don't deny this is where it all begins and keepin the harem, ecchi going!!
@hikaymm yeah I can agree lol. Def an abundance of ecchi but I'm not thinking it goes as far as harem, as much as they might have there interests in him as a whole I agree and think they truly want him to be happy with Ako. Schwein!! Haha still laughing at that
LOL XD I think this was mostly a joke about that kind of scene though!! While this show is heavy in the ecchi realm I don tthink it's ever going to be an actual harem; they all want him & Ako to be happy ahhaha
@DarionCampbell it's called Netoge no Yome Onnanoko ja Nai to Onotta? And you thought there is never a girl online? In English!! Check it out NAKAMA!! It's just about finished up for this season of 2016 releases!!
what anime is this