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Ch. 14
Jimin’s POV (the night before he came to YN’s house for discussing the festival)
Jimin was sitting in his hotel room, thinking of ways to get YN to fall for him again, it was going to be tougher with Yoongi in the picture he is her first love after all. “Will I be able to let her go if she chooses him?” Jimin said out loud.
“So he was your first love then? Did you ever tell him?” Jimin asks, YN nods her head in response.
“No, I didn’t tell him that I loved him, he probably would have thought I meant in a brotherly type way anyway.” YN responds.
“I’m jealous, don’t ever find him and go to him okay.” Jimin says as he wraps his arms around YN tightly hugging her. YN tries to struggle away but fails Jimin just holds her tighter.
“Okay I promise, I won’t” YN says while laughing because Jimin starts to tickle her side.
“You love me more right? You’re going to be with me forever?” Jimin asks. Jimin looks at YN with his aegyo, Jimin knows she can’t resist this.
“Of course I love you more and I’ll be with you until I die.” YN replies to Jimin’s questions.
“Why so serious lately?” YN asks. Jimin shrugged his shoulders.
“It’s just nice to hear it from the person you love sometimes.” Jimin admitted.
They both look into each other’s eyes. Jimin could stare into those eyes for the rest of his life and be completely happy to do so. Jimin doesn’t even look at other girls because of YN.
YN rests her head on Jimin’s chest hiding her expression, even though she was in love with Jimin, Yoongi still had a big part of her heart. She honestly wouldn’t know what she would do if she met him again.
Jimin just happened to notice YN as she was starting to back out of the doorway, he thought he was hallucinating because she wasn’t coming back to the door until late. Maybe it was his guilt playing mind games with him. Jimin brushed it off, later he found he wasn’t hallucinating.
“Hey Jimin, this is Gina, YN’s roommate.” Gina said into the phone.
“Hey look I’m sorry but I didn’t mean for that to happen and it won’t again. I haven’t heard from YN in a few days and I’m worried about her, you haven’t heard from her have you?” Jimin asked Gina. Gina clears her throat.
“Actually, I just found a note.” Gina pauses and before she can finish.
“Are you in the dorm now?” Jimin asks, Gina responds.
“I’ll be over there in five minutes.” Jimin said as he ends the call and runs over to Gina and YN’s dorm. Jimin doesn’t just knock on the door, he’s pounding on it. He’s about to hit it again when it opens and Gina is standing in the doorway.
“Come in, you’re going to want to sit down.” Gina invites Jimin inside the apartment. Jimin finds the couch and plops down. Gina hands him the note.
“I can’t believe you could do this to me, you knew Jimin was mine and you take him from me anyway? How could you! I’m leaving you can enjoy him all you want. I hate you both.” Jimin read the note. Jimin places his hand on his chest, he feels like dying, his chest hurts, he’s suffocating. Jimin crumples up the note and walks out of the dorm.
“How could you be so damn stupid Park Jimin, you’ve lost the best thing to ever happen to you. Dumbass! Dumbass! You weren’t supposed to play her, not her.” Jimin keeps beating himself up talking down on himself as he walks not paying attention to where he was going he found a bar and walked in, Jimin didn’t drink very much, he becomes a major flirt when he’s drunk and his player side comes out. But after today he needed a drink.
“Hey man, long time no see how have you been, where’s YN?” Jimin turns around to see who was talking to him, it was his best friend Kim Taehyung Jimin motions for him to come closer. Putting his arm over his shoulders.]
“I lost the only person that ever mattered to me.” Jimin explains to Tae in a slight slur. Tae looks at Jimin confused for a moment and then it hits.
“What did you do Jimin?” Tae asked his friend, knowing his answer. Jimin prepared for another shot of liquor.
“I played her, she caught me cheating with her roommate.” Jimin explains. Tae’s eyes grow wide.
“You told me you could never do that to her? What happened?” Tae asked.
“I was stupid, I had a couple drinks, I went to her home but she wasn’t there her roommate was. I walked in thinking it was YN standing in sexy lingerie and before I knew it I was fucking her.” Jimin explains.
“Wow! I’m shocked you told me you would never play her.” Tae said thinking out loud, he shut his mouth and covered it with his hand. Regretting reminding Jimin of his promise, Jimin looks at Tae with a glare.
“Go away, I know I’ve fucked up, I will get her back, I have to get her back.” Jimin stated a declaration of his will.
*End flashback*
“But how will I get her back?” Jimin said to himself, Jimin falls on his bed laying his hands over his chest lightly tapping with his fingers. That’s when Jimin got the idea on how he was going to break them up.
The next day I arrive at YN’s house to discuss music choices for the festival. “Take a deep breath Jimin you can do this.” Jimin was pumping himself up before he opened YN’s door. When the door opens and Jimin sees YN standing there his breath is taken away and his nervousness disappears. Jimin walks in like he doesn’t have a care in the world. “Keep calm, keep calm don’t push her away, listen to what she wants.” Jimin kept repeating this words in his head.
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Why are you trying to make me feel bad for Jimin ;-; Poor ChimChim, but hes trying to break them up, and thats messed up -.-