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Broncos Von Miller has been suspended for the first 4 games of the 2013 season due to testing positive for amphetamines and marijuana during his rookie season of 2011. This was his 2nd infraction and a 3rd infraction would result in a season-long suspension. This is a big blow for the Broncos defense. Shaun Phillips will start in his stead. Do you think it is ridiculous how he is being suspended 2 years later? Do you agree with the NFL suspending players for smoking weed?
@KyleJenkins Word out now is that the Broncos are confident Miller will avoid suspension. So the Broncos look good to go! I don't think anyone wants to see Miller suspended. He is too good!
Von Miller is a beast! Broncos SHOULD be ok the time he is gone. Go Broncos!
Regardless of whether it is due to drugs or any other "minor" crimes, the punishment for professional athletes when it comes to such behaviors are far too light. I would not be given second or third chances at my job if I got in trouble for doing speed and joint, why should these guys get the special treatment?