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Spicy soy-sauce Chicken with broccoli

@cheerfulcallie This is sort of my version of what you did with beef, although mine doesn't have much water (and I made sure my veg was well-cooked haha).
@minjaeturtles i dont think youll be worse than meeeeee lol
@kristenadams haha it took about 20 mins but I'm a really bad cook so I take longer than others
@minjaeturtless nommmmm how long did it take uuuuu im really lazyy and i rarely cook anythin that takes more than like 30 mins LOL
@minjaeturtles OMG, here I am thinking my recipe was extremely simple, you got me beat with only using two ingredients, dang, lolz
@minjaeturtles thank-you love these easy meals ... all the great taste without the laborious effort :)
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