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Using one of Miran's cards, I tried out a pizza on tortilla. The original recipe is an eggplant & goat cheese pizza, but I changed up a few things with what I had at home. I included chorizo and used blue cheese instead, however, after trying this the combination made it a bit to salty. Next time, I wouldn't mix the two together and so, here's my suggestion for the recipe. Ingredients -Tortilla -Chorizo (I found it at the Shinsaegae Department Store B1 at the Express Bus Terminal location) -Eggplant -Cherry Tomatoes -Black Olives -Red Pepper -Mozzarella cheese -Marinara (pasta) sauce -Crack Peppers **You'll need to roast the veggies in the oven for about 10mins with a bit of olive oil. If you just add everything on with the tortilla, the veggies will just be soggy.** **Once the veggies roasted, place the tortilla on a cooking sheet, spread the marinara sauce, add the roasted the veggies, topped with mozzarella cheese. Bake for 10mins or until the sides of the tortilla brown and the cheese melted. The roasted zucchini & carrots are easy. Italian Spice, Crack Pepper, mix with table spoon of olive oil and roast in the oven for 15~20min. (I didn't add any salt since the Italian Spice has some saltiness to it)
@PaulLim even though i dont live in koreaaaa I would DEF want to make thisssss!!! i always loved pizza with the thin crustttt the thick one makes me feel to stuffed..does anyone agreee?
@PaulLim i'm making this tonight!!!!! :D
Chorizo! I miss it so much ;_;
@PaulLim this is awesome! another one of your cards clipped!
@oj1992 we both do the sharing if cooking and cleaning. She does the korean cooking and I clean, I do the western cooking and she cleans, lol
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