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I don't see him in this pic!! But I'd agree with @DevilsSon @KurosakiJess as of yet that was the most epic fight. Well Mingo was pretty much an incredible battle for sure that'd be one of my tops. Love mermaid island where his Conquerors Haki knocks out 50,000 I still rewatch that like every day to get pumped up and practice haha
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@LuffyNewman top right corner lol
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@DevilsSon lol no I meant the villian I would vote isn't in the pic haha. But out of these id say Rob Lucci and actually they were all badass besides Blackbeard so far he is a fraud lol
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@LuffyNewman ohhh...i dislike blackbeard
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I think crocodile and Doflamingo are tied for me.
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