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I enjoy watching anime but I think I'm more of film person. Anime series have a quicker pace and focus on multiple characters. Japanese animated films are slower and focus on one to two characters. I prefer watching Japanese animated films because the sceneries are breathtaking and the soundtracks are amazing. This is one reason why I'm a big fan of Studio Ghilbli production. Recently, I came across another animated film that I thought was well made, Garden of Words produced by CoMix Wave Films and directed by Makoto Shinkai. Most of the scenes in the film could be remade into desktop wallpapers. It's gorgeous.

Here is a birds eye view of the city.

This a side building view with gleaming sunlight.

Inside a classroom. Even the chalkboard look beautifully realistic.

The room looks extremely messy but the graphic is so HD and crisp it overshadow the untidiness.

This is one of my favorite rainy scenes.

If you don't mind the slow pace of anime films, do check this one out. It's about an aspiring shoe maker.

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@JustinaNguyen My heart still hearts for her even though I know that's probably the best thing she could be doing to trust and support her children. :(
a year ago·Reply
@cindystran Mine does too. I can't even imagine how she must've felt when she was running though the woods looking for her son and seeing her smile after telling him to go live his life is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.
a year ago·Reply
i agree... after a good move or anime like that one i get super sad cause i start thinking too much. but i loved it.
a year ago·Reply
Man I've been wanting to watch this soooo bad.
a year ago·Reply
☺️☺️☺️ I would love to see this too..but have you checked out Mai mai miracles, 5 centimeters per second, children who chase voices ?
a year ago·Reply