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What do I mean by "worst"? Well, for quite a while, it was certainly one of the ugliest, because it was left half-finished smack in the middle of Pyongyang from 1992-2008 due to financial troubles (picture 2). Although construction re-commenced in 2008 and was completed in 2011 (external part), it is still the "worst" building in the world because the North Korean government spent over 400 million dollars (over 2% of its annual GDP) on the hotel built mainly for propaganda purposes in a country where millions are starving. I have a feeling that the inside of the hotel will remain unfinished for quite sometime, symbolizing a country that struggles to appear fine when it is really rotting from within.
@themuse Thanks for the article! really interesting read..so this hotel apparently has "crooked elevator shafts" :$ @nshen1 that's exactly what the article above says haha
Exactly what I was imagining when I read about 1984's Ministry of Truth
@JohnLee yeah it does have a surreal aura to it
For some reason it just doesn't look real. Like a building from a sci-fi movie.