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ss501 forever <3
Miss them as a group hope see all together again
@nonabisi @saharjalpari9 kim hyun joong is left from ss501 but i still hope that they will comeback... they say comeback might happen in coming 3 years after they complete their miliatary duties... cheer up :)
@saharjalpari9 thx for the info i didn't know all that.. well i sure have to c the interview... thx again sis ;)
@nonabisi if u wanna c oppa interview card i posted here it is enjoy sis :) <3
@nonabisi oppa started doing his own singles a long time ago have u seen you seen the oppa's interview card I posted he talks abt it how his family was against the boyband thing and he cdn't figure out y anyways he still dcde to release his own single and separate himself from the band and he was happy that it all worked out fine for him and other band members also after it hpnd few other band members like Kim Hyung Jun also release their first single album and had and it was a success anyways I love oppa and SS501 and I miss them but oppa is still friends w all the members and they all play tgthr and I also heard that oppa even gifted a whole cafe 2 few of the members I guess sm of them wanted to start the cafe business oppa is sooo cool naaaa anyways seperated or tgthr the imp thing is dat they r all doing fine and they are all still good friends w each other I love them 馃槝馃槉鉂も潳鉂も潳
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