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Credit to all the Artists❤

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to be truthful i'm on episode 30 something of fairy tail and in the previous episodes laxus is a straight up azz crack so does he get better in the attitude. i sure as heck hope so.
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@BiancaMason Yes he does get better dont worry lol I wouldn't have shipped Mira with him if he didnt xD
a year ago·Reply
@EstefanOlivares I respect your opinion but a ship is a ship lol
a year ago·Reply
@AimeBolanos I respect your opinion as well, Just as I Respect the opinions of NaLu fans, no matter how crazy it is because it's all about Lisanna
a year ago·Reply
@EstefanOlivares Oh my lol you're a Nali fan too... Well like I said before I respect your opinion 😊
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