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So I think some of you have known that I would be making a markson fanfic well I'm truly sorry for a very long wait but I've been having writers block and that I'm really busy helping out my mom too. But I'm still working on it so don't think I had forgotten about it! But I had made a cover for the fanfic that I want to show you and please leave any comments too it could help me with the cover or if you don't like it either you know. Anyways the other thing I want to talk about is the reason why I haven't been active recently in Vingle and posting anything. Well the reason is because my iPhone 4 is acting up I think it's the battery or the charger but it isn't charging properly like it should I have to putit in a angle in order for it to charge or it just won't charge so that's why I haven't been active lately. I'm very sorry and I'll try to make it up for it too. Thank you.
Sorry if it's bad editing too.
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@MelissaGarza Thank you!!!!
I like the cover ..I was just trying to related it to Markson. and going ahead imagining the story..just cause of the cover?? ok like how is going to be? suspension from beginning lol @MaricelvaRomero
lol it is Jackson is getting suspicious of mark and knowing him he's gonna try to figure it out @luna1171
@MaricelvaRomero I'm loving it already !! 😂