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It’s not Jim Gordon’s fault that, as Commissioner of Gotham City, his kids are walking around with constant targets on their backs. Or that one of his kids turned out to be a sociopathic killer. Or that he’s constantly working instead of paying attention to them. Okay, that last part is totally his fault, but particularly where his daughter Barbara is concerned, he would do anything to protect her… Even though, since she’s Batgirl, he probably needs more saving than she does.
Though the God of War in Marvel comics has done plenty of bad deeds, for a while – at least through most of the 2006 Ares mini-series – he was #1 Dad. He gave up his godhood for a simple life on Earth, and raised his son Alexander as a single father while also holding down a job as a carpenter. Later, his son was recruited by a superhero team that opposed his, so their relationship hit a little bump in the road… But with Ares, it was always inside of him that counted, particularly in a graphic panel where he was ripped in half and his intestines spilled everywhere.
Though for most of his life, Cage has been a bit of a ladies man, eventually he settled down with fellow Avenger Jessica Jones, had a kid, and moved ‘em all to a mansion. His Dad-ness has hit a few rough patches, when Jessica has had to take the kid to safer places than the battle-zone they constantly live in; but he cares about his family above all else.
Sure, Peter Parker had a Dad that died in a plane crash, but his real Dad? That’s Ben Parker, the man who coined, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” He’s also the man so good, so pure and honest that he still inspires Spider-Man to this day with his memory.
And then there’s the Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, who would kill, maim, or destroy anyone or anything that stood between him and protecting his son. In fact, every single decision he’s made over the course of nearly one hundred issues has been predicated on making sure his son was safe in the post-zombie apocalypse world of the comic. Granted, there’s been a couple of getting-shot-in-the-face related hiccups, but still: End Of The World’s Best Dad.
His son, Damian Wayne, is the often misunderstood and rebellious son of Bruce Wayne & Talia al Ghul; trained by the League of Assassins, Damian learned to murder at a very young age, which proves for a tumultuous relationship with his father who lives my a strict no-kill code. My favorite series, Batman & Robin, is equal parts action and watching the father/son dynamic evolve. You see Bruce in a completely new light, one where he is not in control and struggles to teach his son right from wrong.

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