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I thought I'd mention another sassy member in B.A.P! Himchan the stunning visual!

Himchan the man who's vanity is infinite

Himchan with his swelled ego

Did I mention that he loves his looks? Because this is a good portion of his sassiness

The other portion is his insults... mostly at Zelo

Or Youngjae. But those two dish it at each other regularly. It's just how their friendship works apparently

He can be in your face at times

He can be slightly critical

However, being a sass master can result in the occasional backfire

We love our Himchan though because he's still such a sweetheart and he loves his B.A.P family

Not to mention that he has every right to have that ego of his

Because he slays us

All the damn time

Does he earn the title sass master? What do you guys think?

@MrsJungHoseok Curly head stay in your lane!!! your mine!!!!! *pulls him near me* you hear me stay in your lane!
@MrsJungHoseok Zelo is my cute adorable sexy young curly head ❤ 😂 no one but me can call him Curly head...xD he is MY curly head
Yaasss Himchan! Honestly his vanity towards his looks could give Jin a run for his money. I love all of BAP so much, and the picture of Yongguk with his Tigger is so cute!
Lmao oh yea total sass master
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