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Issei and his Boosted Gear! weapon: Boosted Gear (also known as Sacred Gear or God's Artifact), weapons that contains the power the Welsh Dragon inside It also contains Ascalon Rival- White Dragon Abilities Boost- enhances Issei's strength every ten seconds flight- Issei gains the ability to fly for a short amount of time! Explosion- releases stored power into an attack Balance breaker- activates full armor Divide- halves oppenents power (causes juggernaut drive) Crimson blaster- activates a stronger attack known as Dragon blaster Reflect- bounces enemy attacks penetrate- unlocks Ascalon  D∞D- Issei uses his duel shoulder cannons Weaknesses Boosted gear drains stamina from user even to the point of death of, vulnerable to dragon magic, Issei is also a huge pervert making him easily distracted. Boosted gear does not last for long periods of time and if hurt enough will completely shut off on him. while in juggernaut drive Issei loses all control.
Tatsumi while wielding Incursio weapon: armor typed weapon that's forms into a sword. This sword was forged from a demon dragon Rival: Wave Abilities invisibility- user can become invisible for short amounts of time evolving- because a demon dragon is made into the armor, the armor will enhance with its user over time practicality indestructible- this armor can only be broken by other relic users enhancing- armor enhances speed, strength, and agility. Neuntote- relic halberd that cuts through danger beasts with ease! flight- Tatsumi earns a power boost and the ability to fly for a short time. Weaknesses incursio can devour user! Tatsumi can only use incursio about four times a day or he risks being devoured and overtaken. while invisable Tatsumi can still be detected.
SO who do YOU guys think would win in this epic battle??? comment any details I may have missed or simply tell me who you'd put your money on! if you guys like these I'll do Another one! don't forget to give me a like!
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Wat anime is this?
@spinsuno 1st one is high school DxD 2nd akame ga kill
there both awsome armors but in a head to head battle between the two I believe Tatsumi with Incursio would be the choice because he has more battle experience and he's willing to kill