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Pledis has NO chill what so ever! I mean it wasnt bad enough that Pretty U was collecting souls with all of the skinship and Hip Thrusts. They just released the MV of Love Letter and it is quite adorable.
Now Seventeen are having their Love Letter concert. They even released Teasers for each of the members and I can clearly say that this concert is going to be awesome.

Hip-hop Unit

(Seungcheol, Stahp!)

Vocal Unit

(Jeonghan, don't you know pulling your hair back is killing the fangirls?!)

Performance Unit

(Jun with blonde hair kills me. )

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@Mikim000 I know that. Did I mix up their pictures?
2 years ago·Reply
yea sorry
2 years ago·Reply
@Mikim000 did I fix it correctly? with this new concept I get them confused. cuz everyone has normal hair, now.
2 years ago·Reply
yeah sorry again
2 years ago·Reply
@Mikim000 don't apologize. I'm happy that you told me. if you didn't, when I realized my mistake I would have felt extremely stupid. If you see any more mistakes in any of my cards please feel free to tell me.
2 years ago·Reply