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A/N: Hi everybody I am new here and would like to try creating a fanfic series hope you like it!!
JHOPE The CEO of XYZ company. He is considered to be quiet and scary to the point everyone in the company avoids him because of his enigmatic aura and rather complex personality. Watch his story and secrets unfold as our main character finds herself falling for him. KURUMI A japanese 18 year old genius. She graduated HS at 10 and graduated college at 14, speaks 10 different languages, has a bachelors degree in business,and a Ph.D in medicine but finds herself stuck in an unfamiliar country for certain reasons. Due to her background everyone is intimidated by her thinking she's some kind of robot. Lottle did they know she's somewhat of a clutz and not even close to a perfectionist. As the story unfolds we find how our genius main character finds herself in Seoul, South Korea. SOOYUNG Hoseok's bestfriend and arranged fiancé. She is elegant and most definitely ladylike. She is the complete opposite of our main character. She has a nice figure so most men would kneel to her beauty and fantastic body. V Taehyung works for XYZ company and becomes one of the few friends our main character has. He helps her get used to things at the company and helps her settle in Korea but of course not alone. JUNGKOOK Also works for XYZ company and is very close to Taehyung. He is usually very shy around girls but finds himself being able to be himself when around our main character. He,like Taehyung, is one of the few friends in our main characters small circle of friends and helps her settle in. JIN Works for XYZ company and is Hoseok's go to man. He does all tasks given to him by Hoseok down to the bone making sure not to miss a single thing. Is the first person to talk to our main character and was the first person to have welcomed her to Korea. He is always upbeat but like all people he has his secrets. TRIPLE THREAT AKA SUGA,RAPMON,JIMIN The feared trio of company QRS. Known as monsters who in just 2 years time had help QRS to rise to the top 3 companies of Seoul. But second place is not what they want and will stop at nothing to make company XYZ fall to the ground.
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