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Hello Babies. It's been a while since I have posted due to me moving and getting situated. I am back for another Cross Gene Sunday ♡

✤ Since it is Father's Day, I will be focusing on the Father today.

❈ Shin WonHo Became the father of Five rambunctious kids in June Of 2012.

✣ There's more mischievous kids than innocent.

✣ Flaunt it Daddy-O let's see you Vogue. . . .

✣ Here, we have extremely normal family pictures of Father and Sons. . . .

✣ Shin sometimes let the boys get out of hand, but he loves them, and still is a great leader. . . .

✣ Father will play with his Sons on the Regular ♡♡♡

✣ Also wants to keep his boys pure from any and ALL JIRATING FROM THE DEVIL'S HIPS. . . .

✣ He Rough houses with his goofy goober of a floof. . . .

✣ Sometimes he starts things he can't finish. . .

✣ BUT Shin is a pretty good Father & I know is one of my personal Faves ♡


❈ We LOVE you ShinBug, and Happy Father's Day!

❣ CandY Mod Squad ❣

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ღ CandY Babies ღ

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AHHH fan girling like crazy Shin is so adorable and ugh he's making me hella crazy right now. Love this card
@merryjayne13 That he is!! I adore the ShinBug! Haha he will forever make you crazy!! Thank you so much dear! I'm glad you love it!! ♡♡