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Genre: Fluff building up to Angst
Pairing: Jungkook x Taehyung
Length: 6,185 Words
Warning: Boy x Boy Intimacy
Summary: I just wanted him to look at me only
Part: 3/?
Hey guys! Thanks for being so patient and coming back for more :) This part is pretty lengthy, I couldn't stop writing. Enjoy~

Jungkook’s POV

I awoke to see Jin lying next to me, I froze stiff. What was he doing here; we haven't slept in the same bed since we entered high school, unfortunately. He had to be a hallucination since I did no dreaming last night. This hallucination is just my body trying to catch up to itself, right? I smile and brought myself closer to snuggle, I was so comfortable I didn't even mind missing school, especially with all that happened yesterday. I shut my eyes tight trying to forget yesterday's details. I felt Jin’s breath on me and he move adjusting himself. Wait, what, I wasn't imagining this!? Jin’s actually in my bed!? Why!? I slowly moved back a little and looked up at his already opened eyes.
"Hey did you just wake?" he said stretching.
"H-Hyung what are you-"
"Huh?," Jin looked around frantically trying to make sense of his surroundings, "Oh right," he laughed. "Your mom let me in duh."
"Why are you here?" I always picked him up.
His expression turned serious. He grabbed both my wrists pushing me back down on my bed. He had both my arms pinned down above my head at each side and straddled on top of me. "This is why I'm here."
"Ah," I struggled a little and then wondered why it was I was so weak.
"This is what I came here for," he leaned in close to my face. No way I had to have been dreaming. I could feel the blood rushing down to my pants; I was scared because it was only a matter of time before I was fully erected. I tried my best to compose myself.
I was too shocked for words. I winced as he came closer and turned my face to the side.
"So you think it’s fun to have me worry?"
"Wah?" I looked up at him.
"Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about! I texted and called you several times, I got not one response from you."
So this is what this was about, I was a little disappointed but now desperately wanted him to get off as I'm sure he could feel me getting hard beneath him.
"I-I did! Check my phone," he got up and picked up my cell. I sat up shuffling to the corner of the bed and covered my boner with my blankets. I felt relief to be out of the predicament.
Jin turned and pointed my cell in my face exposing the unsent text. "Maybe if you would have actually sent the text I wouldn’t have to come here to punish you." I immediately started apologizing.
"Soooo," Jin crawled over to me slowly, "You want to make it up to me". Why did I feel like he was blackmailing me into doing something I didn't want to do?
I swallowed hard, "Sure but-"
He pulled out 2 tickets for the aquarium for this weekend and without hesitating I agreed to go. I smiled holding the extra ticket; it felt like we were going on a date. I then wondered why all of a sudden, was it obvious that my day yesterday was horrible and he's trying to make me feel better?
"Great! I'll let Luna know and she can tell Risa and Jackson," He whipped out his phone.
Before he could unlock it I grabbed his arm, "Wait-what?"
"Yea, well it was Luna's idea, I thought it would be great for us as a group to get to know each other better and I thought you could use a pick me up."
So I guess he was sort of thinking of me but still I was weary just thinking I'd have to spend my weekend with the unfamiliar crowd. "I-I don't know hyung I-"
"Aish come, you owe me, besides you have nothing to worry about cause I'll be there."
"A-Alright," just then my 6:50 AM alarm went off and was turned off immediately but Jin."
"Great! You got 30 minutes to get ready; I'll be down stairs making coffee."
30 minutes later I made my way down stairs and stopped to look at myself in a hallway mirror to button my school shirt. In the mirror I could see Jin walking over to me smiling with coffee in my favorite mug, now that's definitely an image that will forever be imprinted in my mind. I would forever be content if I could walk into my kitchen every morning to him serving me coffee, Jin and coffee definitely my 2 favorite things in the world. I was almost done butting up my shirt when I noticed the quarter sized hickey on my neck. I gasped, immediately covering it with my hand not wanting Jin who was on his way to me to see it. I panicked and rushed to the bathroom bumping Jin a little in the process.
"Whoa! Jungkook!"
I slammed the bathroom door and examined my neck in the mirror; the hickey was a reddish purple color. Oh no! Tae left a mark!? Is that the reason why he said sorry when touching my neck? I felt myself starting to sweat. Jin knocked on the door and I screamed "D-don't come in!"
"Hey I wasn't going to. Just don't take too long, we should have been left."
I went searching through the bathroom cabinet for my mother's liquid foundation. I tried my best to cover it up. How long does it take for these things to go away any ways, a week, longer? I then walked out of the bathroom with my shirt buttoned all the way up to the collar, I was suffocating. He handed me my coffee and I gulped it down. I was very forgetful when it came to hiding things from others but I told myself I'd have to be mindful of the hickey to make sure Jin didn't see it. As we made our way out the door and I made sure to walk on his left side as the hickey was on the left side of my neck.
We grew closer to school and I dreaded the idea of class. Taehyung was the reason why I considered skipping today but I was definitely too much of a coward to do that. Jin waved bye to me as we split to get to our classes. I took a deep breath and walked in, Taehyung wasn't there but there were still 10 more minutes before class started. I sat closer than yesterday hoping someone would snag the seat next to me. Every time the door opened my heart sank more even though he hadn't walked in yet. 10 minutes had passed and the teacher walked in but still no Taehyung. I looked around to see all the seats filled except for the one beside me, I rolled my eyes, really?
The teacher was through more than half the lesson when the door opened and Taehyung walked in scanning the room, I looked away. I heard him suck his teeth; I guess he saw the only seat open was beside me. I heard his footsteps come closer as the teacher scolded him and students snickered. The teacher resumed the lesson after he took his seat. My heart was beating so fast and hard I swear everyone in class could hear it. I nervously sneaked a look at him but he didn't seem to notice he just took notes as fast as he could trying to catch up to what he missed. Just a few minutes before class would end, I want to tell him how I was feeling but it was still hard to piece together but I still needed to try.
"Hey..um-I," he didn't look. He was definitely ignoring me. "Hey-you can't just ignore me...we have just about every class together." The bell rang and he packed his bag quickly then looked at me, finally he looked at me saying, "I said I was going to leave you alone and I can be pretty stubborn so when I say I'm going to do something I do it." and he left. I can't believe how he was acting and all because of me. Well I can be stubborn too, well I can try to. I'll have plenty other classes to talk to him, he can't stop me.

Taehyung's POV

I woke up feeling terrible. It had been so long since I dreaded going to school. Jungkook was the force that drove me to go to school, drove me to do better but for the first time in a long time I felt going back to my old ways. I sighed harshly and rolled myself up in my thick blankets, I rolled around contemplating going to school. It was decided, I wasn't going. I closed my eyes trying to go back to sleep but Jungkook’s face was all I could see, I closed them tighter trying to rid him from my thoughts but it was inevitable. My heart ached so badly I had resorted in scrunching up in a ball, if this is what heartbreak felt like I never wanted to fall for anyone ever again.
My room door swung open, "Kim Taehyung!? Why are you still here?!" My mother came into my room throwing my school uniform at me. "Get up! Get dressed; you're not going to start this again, not after how well you've been doing. I need to get to work myself, if I get a call from your school stating you didn't show boy I'll hurt you.
She left my room and a few minutes later I heard the car drive off. I got up my slipped my legs into my school pants one leg at a time. Honestly my mother’s "threat" wasn't what got me up, It was the fact that I worked so hard to get where I was at in school I shouldn't let Jungkook’s decision send me into a downward spiral.
I left my house taking my time walking to school. I now stood in front of the classroom door, obviously late. I open the door trying to act as nonchalant about my arrival. I immediately saw Jungkook and sucked my teeth as the seat next to him was the only seat open. The teacher scolded me and the students snickered as I walked over the the empty seat, this feeling reminded me of my delinquent days. I could see Jungkook trying to sneak looks at me, god could he be more obvious, I paid no mind to him. I stuck my nose in my note book taking notes as fast as I could. Throughout the rest of the lesson Jungkook continued taking glances at me. What did he want? Didn't he want me to leave him alone; can't he see I'm trying my best to? It was only a couple more minutes till class was over, I can do this!
This time Jungkook clearly turned to me like he wanted to say something, I stayed looking forward. "Hey..um-I," Jungkook started and wait for me to turn my head but I didn't. "Hey-you can't just ignore me...we have just about every class together". He was right but right then the school bell rang and I jolted up from my seat collecting my supplies and finally making eye contact with him. He looked a bit delighted that I had looked at him but the look on my face was disgust "I said I was going to leave you alone and I can be pretty stubborn so when I say I'm going to do something I do it." I turned my back and walked out of the classroom, did he think this was a joke? Why would he try to make conversation with me?
I sighed, but he was right, most of our classes were together. I had to try my best in that last class to ignore him, I don't know how much more strength I have in me to keep this up. I walked into our next class before he did and scanned the room. I saw a troublesome crowd in the corner of the room and made my way to them. I had to preoccupied myself with other people and what better crowd to associate myself with then a bunch of delinquents, I fit in perfectly. I remembered them from last year as we've been in the same detention classes more than a couple of times; it was Namjoon, the leader and his followers Yoongi and Hobi. I offer to buy a cigarette from Nomjoon but he gave it willingly. Jungkook walked in and noticed me right away laughing and conversing with them, he didn't have the guts to walk over here, this plan turned out perfect. Over the course of the next couple of days I dreaded hanging with these delinquents they made me want to go back to my old ways but I already knew that wasn't a life I was trying to live again but they served as a perfect barrier so I dealt with it.

Jungkook's POV

My first attempt at talking to Taehyung was a complete failure but there would be plenty of chances in our other classes. I thought about what it was I really wanted to say to him, nothing came to mind. Why was it I still found it hard to say anything, was it I just wanted him to acknowledge me?
I walked into my next class looking for Taehyung who was obviously 5 steps ahead of me. He was hanging with the delinquents in the corner, there was no way I could walk to him surrounded by that crowd. I gave up and went to my seat; I mean this is definitely was a onetime thing, right? No way he'd continue hanging with this crowd.
I told myself I shouldn't even care what it was Taehyung decided to do, if he wanted to go on and avoid me fine! I had Jin this shouldn't bother me but unfortunately it did, why? Lunch was still as uncomfortable as ever but I got a better understanding why it was these 3 hanged around Jin. Luna obviously had a thing for Jin and since Risa was her best friend she was there as well, for support? It took me a while to figure out why it was Jackson sat with us but I soon realized it was because he was crushing on Risa. Risa was the nicest out of the 3 as she made the initiative to talk to me but she also did things that I felt was unnecessary. Sometimes when we’re all laughing she’d hold onto me like she was going to fall from laughter, I felt like I was going to tip over more than a couple of times. And once after school she was asking me about the canned coffee I was drinking, I told her it was my favorite and without asking she took a sip of my coffee agreeing. I offered the rest to her as I was a little grossed out by an indirect kiss, she took it happily. Another instance was when we all ate lunch on the roof, she complained how cold it was and Jackson offered his jacket immediately but she turned it down stating the huge jacket would look terrible on her. A few minutes later she grabbed my jacket which was 2 sizes smaller than Jacksons and put it around her shoulders asking if I mind. Well now that she already had it on what could I say? She wore my jacket for the rest of the day; I honestly didn’t get her way of thinking.
It was finally Friday, Taehyung and I said nothing to each other and how could I when he was still hanging with such a scary crowd. I don't think he even looked at me once since we stopped talking. Now I know how he felt last year watching me with Jin, never able to come over. Only a couple more hours till school was over, I couldn't wait to be out of school for the weekend. Unfortunately I'd have to come back Monday still not able to talk to him if he continued with these delinquents.
I made my way up to the school roof top for lunch. My eyes locked onto Taehyung, who not surprisingly was with the same crowd. How long did he think he could keep this up? How long would it be till he fell back into his same ways? That's it, I've seriously had enough. Maybe if I just made my way around the crowd, I could pull him to the side. I have to try. I took a deep breath and made my way over. My eyes were locked on him as I made my way over; I never even realize one of the delinquents took a step backwards. He knocked me over immediately spilling the contents on my lunch on myself. Fuck, what the hell!!?

Taehyung's POV

It was finally Friday and it was only a couple more hours till school was over. I couldn't wait for the weekend and finally take a break from hanging out with these dummies. We all went up to the roof top to smoke our cigarettes during lunch, there were a couple more students there eating their lunch as well. I saw Jin sitting with the same crowd he sat with earlier in the week, I looked around, where's Jungkook? Wait, no I-I shouldn't be thinking of him now, not after how well I was doing. I took a long puff of my cig, I was proud of myself I successfully distanced myself from Jungkook, maybe a couple more weeks and my heart won't hurt as bad as it does now.
Namjoon and I leaned against a railing while Yoongi was squatted down on the floor and Hobi started telling me about a movie they had sneaked into over summer break. Hobi tried reenacting some of the action scenes, he was being load and acting crazy, it was actually funny and I busted out laughing. Hobi backed up more taking up more space and ended up knocking Jungkook over as he was making his way to Jin spilling his lunch on himself. I jolted up quickly from the railing but didn't take a step closer, had Jungkook gotten hurt?
"YAH!" Hobi screamed at Jungkook glaring down at him. "Watch where you're going! AISH!"
I didn't worry too much, I knew Hobi wouldn't do anything as long as Jungkook left quietly, and I knew he would. Jungkook avoided these situations at any cost.
Jungkook got up looking at me, he then glared at Hobi, "You're the one that needs to watch where you're going." He turned his back ready to walk off. I was absolutely stunned, this wasn't the Jungkook I knew, where did this come from?
Yoongi and Namjoon busted out laughing, "You're going to let him talk to you like that?" Namjoon asked trying to compose himself.
Hobi was clearly embarrassed and turned his head towards Jungkook, "Yah! Who do you think you're talking to!?"
Hobi's screaming grabbed the attention of everyone on the rooftop, Jin stood up from stuffing his face trying to make sense of the commotion.
I looked at Jungkook who didn't look like he was going to back down. "Who do I think I'm talking to?" His eyes grew dead, "I'm talking obviously talking to an idiot who thinks he can resolve every situation by screaming." I stepped closer, what in the hell was he thinking?
Namjoon and Yoongi stood up and stepped closer in their direction as well, Hobi grabbed a hold of Jungkooks shirt pulling him in closer. The expression on Jungkooks face turned from serious to panic as Hobi raised his fist, he turned his face and his eyes tightly closed. Jin and Jackson both ran over and Luna and Risa trailed behind but before they could reach us Hobi had threw his fist. I caught it instantly, everyone's eyes were on us and there was a slight murmur among the students on the roof top.
Namjoon, Yoongi and Hobi looked at me feeling betrayed. Namjoon walked closer to me, "Taehyung, what the hell do you think you're doing!?" I squeezed Hobi's fist and he grunted in pain. "Let go of him," I said through my teeth never breaking eye contact with Namjoon. He let go and then I let go. Hobi shook his hand trying to relieve the pain as Jungkook darted behind me. The atmosphere grew heavy. I overheard Luna whisper, "Do something, they're your friends." Just then Jackson stepped in the middle, I grew confused and Namjoon, Yoongi and Hobi grew stiff.
"What is going on here?" Jackson asked the 3 calmly. Namjoon opened his mouth to say something but stopped when Jackson answered his own question, "Nothing! Now get lost you 3." The 3 of them lightly bowed at him Namjoon whispering "Miane (Sorry)" then making their way to exit the roof. Everyone on the roof resumed eating their lunch and conversing.
Jackson quickly glanced at me expecting me to react the same, I had no idea what power he had over those 3 but he didn't intimidate me.
Jin called out to Jungkook, Jungkook slowly made his way to Jin's side. Jackson faced the 2 apologizing. He mentioned Namjoon being his childhood friend but had a downfall somewhere, the only person he'd listed to was him.
Jin leaned in closely to Jungkook lightly brushing some food off of his shirt and softly said, "Are you alright? How did this-" Risa cut him off, "OH MY GOSH, Jungkook are you okay!? That was sooo scary!" Jungkook winced at how load she was being.
I didn't have to be here for this and trailed off towards the exit. The door closed behind me and I heard a faint, "WAIT!” The door opened quickly letting in the sunlight from outside into the stairwell I stood in then slowly went dimmed as the door closed. I looked up at Jungkook from the bottom of the stairs as he looked down at me out of breath.
He stepped down to my level which was just one step higher from the step I was on. It felt good to look at him from this distance, I missed it but I stood quiet.
"I....thank you Tae..." he said. The atmosphere grew calm with the 2 of us standing in the dimly lit stairwell. Who was I kidding, there was no way I could ignore this boy forever. I gently grabbed his hand, we both stood in silence for several seconds tangling our fingers and then I lead him out of the stairwell.
I walked him into the washroom and sat him down on a counter. I ran water over some napkins, "What the hell were you thinking? Did you really think you could take on Hobi? Don't ever do something like that again..what if I'm not there next time to protect you?" Jungkook looked down and said nothing. I walked over with the wet napkin and positioned myself in between his legs unbuttoning his shirt. He grabbed my hands before I could get to the second button. "Wh-what are you doing?" his voice shaking.
"The food seeped through your clothes, you're filthy, just let me clean you up." His hand let go of mine and I resumed. His shirt was completely open, he looked away embarrassed, a year definitely made a difference for him. I remembered seeing him in the gym locker room last year and he definitely didn't have this much muscles. I ran my fingers down his abs memorized, he lightly breathed out. I took the wet napkin and started wiping from his abs up making sure to clean thoroughly. I looked up as I reached his chest and our eyes met. I broke eye contact and looked down at his chest and continued, as I reached his neck his hand went up covering the left side of his neck.
"Jungkook I'm almost done just let me-"
"I-I can finish up the rest," he looked down and turned red.
I took his hand and moved it away and started wiping. The wet napkin immediately turned a nude color, why? As I kept wiping Jungkook turned redder and then a lightly faded bruise was exposed, I grew angry.
"Did Hobi hurt you? What is this!?"
Jungkook shook his head in silence looking down. "No, no."
"Wait is this makeup? Why is there makeup on it? Did this happen earlier in the week!?"
"It was you! It's a hic..key..."
I was silenced as I recalled the event. I sighed and brought my hand up to my face, "Right, I remembered seeing it. I'm sorry...does it hurt?"
He looked at me and shook his head, "No." He wrapped his legs around me pulling me in closer. I was shocked at the surprise attack.
"Jungkook what are you doing?" I looked at him frantically, I didn't want to do anything he didn't want but while in this position I know it would hard to stop myself.
"I'm happy now. It's been a while since we talked. I really just want to tell you everything I wasn't able to tell you. At first it was hard to put into words, my mind was a mess. Thanks to these last couple of days I was able to sort out my thoughts a bit."
He started playing with the end of my tie. "Taehyung, I'm sorry..It's just your request about giving you a chance was too much for me to handle. You asked me to replace Jin with you and that's not something I can do too easily."
My heart started to ache, I winced at the pain. Why was he telling me this? He's only validating that he clearly didn't want to be with me. I could do without hearing this.
"It's only ever been just me and Jin, he was the only person I could see in a sea full of people. It's only been a couple of days but now all of a sudden my vision of Jin has gotten blurry and now it seems I can only look at you." He stopped fiddling with my tie and looked up at me. "It’s hard but I want to let you in, it's just I don't want to hurt you."
"Hurt me? How could you ever hurt me?"
Tears filled his eyes and he bit his lip, "Because!" He unwrapped his legs from around me and started to ramble "I'm obviously not over Jin, if we're together there will be moments where I'll put Jin before you. I'll cancel our plans to be with Jin, I'll sit with him during lunch even if I'm still uncomfortable being around his new friends, I'll continue to try to get closer to him and-and-and-and-" the tears finally fell from his eyes and his breathing became short and fast.
I stared, shocked, oh no...he's definitely having an anxiety attack!
Panic was on his face and his eyes continuously darted in every direction of the room "I-I...Jin-and...I..Tae-I can't-what's..." He bent over slightly heaving, his eyes shut tight and he clenched his chest.
"Jungkook! Stop talking," I placed my hand behind his head and brought him in slowly for a hug. "Just breathe, for now just breathe, don't think of anything else."
I could hear him panting; he slowly raised his hands hugging me back. His breathing soon had a more consistent flow. Although his breathing was now stable we didn't move. We stood there hugging each other, neither of us wanting to let go. Anyone could walk in right now and I still wouldn't let go. This was how I wanted to stay, forever. I closed my eyes.
With his head still on my shoulder and his face facing my ear he whispered, "Tae," chills went throughout my whole body. He continued, "I don't want to hurt you. I...really like you."
My heart fluttered at the sudden confession and I slowly released our hug looking at him.
I looked into his eyes darting back and forth to each. I couldn't believe what I just heard, I was speechless, was I dreaming? I felt myself blushing.
Jungkook laughed, "Hyung, you're red," He put his hand on my face causing me to feel hotter and turn redder. He continued laughing and I leaned in pressing our lips together.
He jumped at my action but leaned in also closing his eyes. He ran his fingers up from my back, neck and tangled his finger in my hair. With his shirt still open I traced my hands from his abs to his chest and then his back. His breathing grew heavier and he began to moan. God I wanted him so badly, I wanted him to be all mine. I kissed him down from his neck to his chest.
"T-Tae," he panted. I trailed back up to his neck then his cheeks. He had such a lewd expression that made me want to go all the way. He pulled me in closer, "Ah Tae-" I kept thinking how I wanted him to be all mine but Jin was still in his heart. I wanted to be the only one in his heart. I swallowed hard and released his grip from me.
"Wah-what’s wrong!?" Jungkook said still panting with a worrisome expression. He reached out his hands wanting me to come back, "Why'd you stop?"
I started buttoning his shirt.
"It's just I want you to be all mine," I said almost snapping. I started to ramble, "And the only way that can happen is if you give up Jin. I'm not saying this is something you can do in one day because this stuff takes time but you said you didn't want to hurt me. Well holding onto a one sided love while half heartily loving me is hurting me." I finished buttoning his shirt and grabbed his hands looking into his eyes, "I need you to promise me that you'll at least try...for me. Please try and give up loving Jin, there's nothing to be afraid of because I'll be here the whole time."
This was all hard to ask as I didn't want to provoke another anxiety attack but I needed him to try.
"H-How can I start to give up?"
"The first step is always the hardest but you'll have to tell him."
"What!? No no no no I-I can't do that."
"Jungkook if you don't tell him, I will," I jokingly threatened.
"You can't do that! You promised you wouldn't," panic was on his face.
I laughed, "Whoa Jungkook I was kidding, don’t worry I won’t be telling anyone but honestly you'll have to tell him. Trust me not knowing how he feels about the situation will kill you down the road. You'll wish you told him. It'll feel great to finally get everything off your chest."
He sighed and looked down, "Your right and like you said you'll be by my side, that'll make things a lot more easier, thanks Tae, really," He smiled softly.
I smiled at the thought of Jungkook being one step closer to fully being mine.
"So!" Jungkook wrapped his legs around me again, "Does this mean we can continue where we left off at?"
I was shocked at his gesture, Jungkook has definitely become more confident in such a short time, and I really liked it.
"Oh no, Uh-uh" I said.
He pouted, "Why?"
I cupped his face, "I don't want to go any further with you when you have someone else on your heart. I want you to be able to look at me only. Do you understand?"
"Ah! No fair but...I understand," he said with an attitude. "Does that mean no kisses?"
I laughed through my nose and gently kissed him on the forehead. He looked somewhat satisfied. The bell rang and we spent the next couple of classes together.

Jungkook's POV

We walked into our last class together, the one class I dreaded since making up with Taehyung. This was the moment I was telling him about, the moment where I'd choose Jin over him. Jin walked over.
"Jung-" he instantly noticed Taehyung next to me. "Ah tan boy!" He pointed, "F-from earlier!" He bowed down into a 90 degree angle. "Thanks so much for looking out for Jungkook. I really appreciate it. If you hadn't been there I-I don't know what would've happened, I don't even want to think about it."
Taehyung put up his hand and smiled, "Ah! Please don't thank me; it was no problem at all."
Jin dug into his pocket, "Please join us this weekend," he said holding out a ticket.
Wait was he inviting him? That was definitely the aquarium ticket. "Hyung..you don't have to do that, we only have a limited number of tickets right?"
Taehyung looked at me "We? Oh so you're-" he looked at Jin and took the ticket. "Thanks, I'd be happy to join you."
"Awesome! See you there!" Jin said with glee. I felt bad having Taehyung hear me say the ticket wasn't necessary.
Jin put his arm around my shoulder and led me to an empty seat by him. I willingly allowed him to lead me and didn't look back at Tae, ashamed that what I said about picking Jin over him was true.
"Hyung you didn't have to do that."
"Really it was no problem; I really wanted to show my appreciation. I mean we also did have an extra ticket. Anyways he's also your friend right?"
"What makes you think that?"
"Well you went after him earlier and didn't return."
"Um yea but-"
"And you guys walked in together also so does that mean you guys have a lot of classes together?"
"Ah well yea.."
He clapped his hand together, "I'm so happy you were able to make a friend"
".....yea me too."
"Don't you dare replace me," he joked.
"Never," I laughed. The promise I made Tae kept playing in my head. I needed to tell Jin, easier said than done. I don't even know where to begin, do I just say it?
I spent the whole class time contemplating how I'd confess to Jin. I looked up at the time and there was only 10 minutes left before school was over. I opened my mouth to try to start but Jin ended talking first.
"Hey..What do you think about Luna?"
Luna? Why was he bringing her up? I mean it's apparent that she likes Jin but he definitely doesn't like her back, I mean she's not even his type, right? Wait, what was his type?
"She seems alright, I still don't know much about her."
"I think she likes me. Did you notice?"
"Um well..but what do you think of her?"
"She's really pretty."
"Well yea, but there's more to a person than just appearance. If you're going to fall for someone fall for them because they genuinely care for you, because they're there for you through the good and the bad, they put you before themselves, fall for someone who makes your day better when you felt like everything went wrong-" I stopped when I realized I was describing how I felt for Jin. I have to tell Jin, I looked back as Tae as he smiled already looking at me with loving eyes. I have to tell Jin now!
I lowered my voice, almost whispering, "Jin I-"
He cut me off not realizing I was even talking, "When you put it that way me and you should be dating," He was obviously joking but it still caught me off guard and made my heart flutter. "But your right Jungkook, Luna and I aren't even on that level yet but we can always build up to it. Even though I haven’t told her yet I actually really like her.”
My heart sunk.
"You'll support me right?"
"I...uh" The bell rang and thank god it did because there was no way I could support him.
"Jin!" Luna screamed from the classroom door, Jin got up and headed towards her. I obviously didn't want to let go of him. I couldn't stand seeing them together and tomorrow I'd have to spend the whole day with them at the aquarium. I looked back a Taehyung, he could tell I didn't confess, he came over.
"Tae it's too hard, I can't do it."
"Of course you can, Jungkook don't worry, take your time. I'm a patient man," He grabbed my hand and winked. "Just know we can't continue anything else until you do it."
I don't think I was very patient myself.
"Jungkook!" Jin yelled from the door way, "We’re leaving, come on." He looked over at Teahyung, "Ah tan boy see you tomorrow!"
I got up and Taehyung releasing his grip looking a little sad. "I'll see you tomorrow?"
"Yupp," he smiled the cute rectangular smile and I made my way to Jin.





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when u have to keep urself from screaming at ur fone bc ur cousin is over and ur step dad is sleeping at 8pm... my life
tag me please😊
tag me please!
Omo the feels are starting to set in
😂😂😂 OMG that's hilarious @FalseLove
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