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Sorry I'm late I so blanked on the day. Comment what I missed and check in case someone put a song up! Lets discover music together!
Bada released "Flower" ft. Kanto this week and the song has a very mystical sound enhanced by the high octave pitches heard in the music. The song also felt very relaxed and vintage in style and in the music video.
Younha released "Get it?" ft. HA:TFELT & Cheetah and the song is extremely repetitive for its chorus and is reminiscent of a chant. The rhyme in the repetition is consistent in the song and the verses also have a consistent rhythm.
DIA released "On the Road" this week and at the beginning of the video I thought it was an ad haha. The intro is a bit lengthy (Go to 0:50 to skip it) but the song is bright. The video reminds me of April's "Tinkerbell"
Wheesung came out with "Hold Over" ft. LE and the song is very party-ish with a nice brass instrument (Trumpet?) in the background that makes it feel slightly jazzy. The MV is very comical and an enjoyable watch.
San E and Raina released "Sugar and Me" and as the name implies, the song is sweet and overlays a subtly strong beat. This pairing has put out one good song already and it seems like this is another one.
Boa and Beenzino released "No Matter What" with STATION this week. SM is really feeling the EDM/Techno-pop thing aren't they? The song is a nice message and a nice video as well that seems like a kid's storybook.
Voisper released a ballad called "Summer Cold" this week and the song is very emotional. The men singing hold a lot of feeling in their voices. The lyrics and the story of this song are also very sad.
Gray came out with "Good" ft. Elo and the song is pretty much a break up song but a relieving break up. I enjoyed the style of this song and the beat of the instrumental was consistent and slightly repetitive so it was not confusing to listen to.
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