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It's been officially a year since I listened to Bang Bang Bang. Officially a year since I got into Kpop. And I can honesty say I'm happier for it. I got a couple really good friends out of it. @ChaErica and @HayleyEastman are amazing and sweet and put up with my weird bullshit. Hell I could consider Erica as my best friend. Sure she keeps trying to further ruin my life my introducing me to groups all the time but I holding solid atm at like 15 groups haha let's hope there are many more years to come.
Also happy Father's Day to my dad, who I have no pictures of because he hates his picture taken. I made him a shitty photoshop that he said he loves haha.
@ChaErica hahaha well I'd say your friendship is good enough
@Starbell808 I grew up with everyone in my family big fans of it but I don't really care for it
@MaeLyn Yes I think we are best friends by now! Lol and I'm sorry for ruining your life with more Kpop groups!!
@Starbell808 haha no he's a NASCAR fan and Dale Earnhardt Sr was his favorite driver until he died in a crash on the track in like 2001. He was my dads role model so every chance I have I make something with Earnhardt in it for him
@MaeLyn my mom got me into. i like to race video games so yeah lol
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