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Sigh...what are you supposed to eat now that you're on a diet? Let's find out... ^^
First, let's keep in mind some things... 1. Keep this rule in your head: "For breakfast, eat like a king. For lunch, eat like a prince. For dinner, eat like a peasant." This is explaining how you can eat heavier in the morning and lighter at night. Why? You can burn more of your breakfast off as the day goes by. However, burning food at night is much more difficult as you're not moving as much and about to go to bed. 2. If you feel hungry before bed, grab a glass of water. This is both great for your skin and can get rid of the cravings. 3. Eating 5 small meals a day can help boost your metabolism and can help you not feel so hungry. This is about every 2 1/2 hours. So keep your breakfast, lunch, and dinner light and have two snack times. 4. If you ever feel cravings, brushing your teeth or smelling some mint typically helps get rid of it. 5. Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before you eat. This helps keep your belly full and keeps you from eating too much. 6. Eat real slow like! Your stomach takes time to digest the food and even longer to determine if you're full or not. 7. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! IF YOU'RE PLANNING FOR EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS VIA DIETING, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR!
Now, let's get to the food! :)
I think everybody's heard of this, but hot green tea actually helps you lose weight! (As long as you don't add sugar, of course) Hot green tea helps boost your metabolism and helps cleanse, which makes it a wonderful add on to your diet! So, drink as much hot green tea as you can throughout the day. However, this does not mean you can drink this in place of water. You should still drink the designated 8 glasses of water a day along with the tea.
Now, let's get to what you can actually chew on. While reading online about diet foods, an easy diet plan came up. It's called the Banana diet. Bananas have been shown to help lose weight, particularly in the stomach and the cheek area. It has also been shown to help your bust size if any body's wanting to go the Korean S-line body shape route. This lovely girl on AFF describes the original diet plan in detail, here's the link: Personally, I created my own diet plan and worked bananas into it so that I wouldn't get too tired of bananas. I mainly incorporated it for breakfast and snack.
Another wonderful thing to work into your diet are boiled eggs. Boiled eggs are low in calorie and can keep you full. Plus, it provides that protein that you all need ^^ And yes, you can eat the yolk. I read somewhere that the yolk is fine to eat when the egg is boiled.
Green foods! Eat lots and lots of green food! Haha, by that I mean eat lots of green leafed vegetables. They're full of nutrition as well as water. This is good because it'll get you fully quickly and you can eat as much as you want! Plus, the calories that you gain from eating this is so much easier to burn because it's all natural! So go ahead and chomp down on that broccoli, spinach, and lettuce ;)
Now, what should you avoid? I think we all know where this is going... No cakes. Or chocolate. Or just sugar in general. If you must have sugar, go for the natural cane sugar! Also, try and avoid carbs. If you must, keep it to brown rice or quinoa or just plain oatmeal. Try to veer away from red meats. As much as you can, stick to white meats! They're much lower in calories! ...and, ahh, coffee....avoid coffee if possible. If not, take it black. Studies have shown that all black coffee actually helps your weight. Last, but not least, NO ALCOHOL. If you diet properly but you drink alcohol, your weight will stay the same!
But oh, the more good food...or so it seems ;) Yes, ladies and gentleman, there is one particular day you can eat whatever you want...the well adored "Cheat Day" Studies have found that those who have a cheat day are more likely to keep to their diet. Why? Because they're not being fully deprived of what they want to eat. And even on their cheat days, they will continually watch the amount that they eat. You know what they can eat anything, as long as it's in moderation! Plus, who said diet foods can't taste good? In the next couple of cards, I'll put out some recipes of foods that are low in calories and do wonders for your tongue :)
If you're ever so was my meal plan: Breakfast: 2 bananas + 1 boiled egg + white meat+ green tea + water Lunch: 1 banana + 1 boiled egg + white meat+ green tea + water Dinner: 1 banana + 1 boiled egg + green tea + water Snack (2x): 1/2 banana + water + green tea *I tweaked my diet every now and then whenever it got too boring