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Who is your Favorite Character from Black Butler?!

(*Spoilers up ahead!*)

Of course this Sexy Demon... Sebastian Michaelis❤ comes in first place! (but because he is the more obvious choice I will say my second Favorite xD)

Madam Red! I loved her the first time I saw her.. She was funny, charming, quite beautiful and pretty mischievous because she actually had Ciel and Sebastian looking hard for Jack the Ripper when it was her all along.. I like her because even when she was about to try and kill Ciel she was overcome by her true feelings for him and stopped herself from killing him and we all know very well that she did love and care for Ciel as her own so it broke my heart when the funeral scene happened.. She was a very good character in this anime and one of my favorites❤
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@CindyLin TuT ik the funeral scene killed me
a year ago·Reply
Don't make me pick are you kidding me?! I literally just finished this and died of feels don't bring this back😣😣😣
a year ago·Reply
I like badass Meyrin~ woot woot and badass Finny
a year ago·Reply
@VIPFreak2NE1 TuT im sorry
a year ago·Reply
@KrisTheFreak They are totally badass!
a year ago·Reply