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I'm so behind on this, but I'm still ever so curious... Who would you ship me with? ^^ I'm very open to all the fandoms, especially Super Junior, Big Bang, BTS, Block B, Winner, Epik High, CNBLUE, FT.Island, and GOT7...if it's a different band, well, a good opportunity to introduce me to them then ;)
Here's a little about me... :) Born in 1997. I love the colors blue, black, and white. I tend to dress quite casual. I love to listen to ballads, but with the occasional mix of hip hop and pop. I'm a freshman in college on a pre-medicine track. I'm typically very quiet until you get to know me. Afterwards...well, afterwards I'm still pretty quiet, but I'll open up more ^^ I'm very soft spoken, but I tend to be blunt when it's something I care about. I don't like to go outside very much because I hate crowded places. My favorite thing to do is read and write alone in my room. I love to cook! Especially pastries! And especially if it's for somebody else! I also love horror movies! But I still also go for the cheesy romantic comedies... Also, I'm quite the nerd for anything related to medicine, economics, and english...and a geek for Doctor Who and Sherlock (>.<) I'm also very much into singing...I started a club a few years back. It was a big surprise since I tend to stay quiet.
Hhhuuuummmmm............Maybe Daesung from Big Bang because I can see him constantly making you smile everyday.
@Kpossible4250 Aww, haha, I can see Daesung... (/.\)
mm... I think someone tall and strong would suit you... someone like jungkook from Bts or someone funny and loud, to match your shyness. someone like Bambam from got7 or chanyeol from exo
@HerosBells Haha, someone's told me Jungkook before...I'm going to have to get familiar with Bambam and Chanyeol though (>.<)