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A/N: Alright here it is first chapter of my first BTS fanfic which is an AU fanfic! Hope you guys enjoy! here are the character profiles!!
KURUMI The noises of the airplanes departing and arriving caused a ringing in my ear. Here I am in Gimpo International Airport just arriving in Seoul, South Korea. I looked around looking for a sign that says 'KURUMI' when suddenly a man tapped on my shoulder. "Hi, Could you be Sagasawa Kurumi?" I turned and saw a man with a sweet smile and beautiful blonde hair. I softly nodded and held out my hand and shook his hand,"It's nice to meet you. Mr?" He smiled releasing my hand," Kim Seok Jin." I nodded and smiled as he lead me to a car," Well welcome to Korea. Mr. Jung is sad that he could not come and greet you himself for he has a previous engagement with a client." I looked around,"It's fine I was kind of relieved because I don't think I am ready to meet the Prince of Seoul." I heard him giggle a little," I'm surprised you speak wonderful Korea...But then again you are considered a genius." Genius. I hated that word. I might've showed some type of discomfort because he apologized about what he just said. "No need to apologize I just hated that word...Genius. But there is no way for you to have known that." I looked out the window,"Duly noted. I will make sure that you will never hear the word Genius." I giggled a little,"That's not that necessary." The way to the office was just small talk and laughing. "We're here Ms. Sagasawa." He said as he opened the car door. "You can call me Kurumi."
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