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Hanamizuki - Super Junior (KRY)
*Kaboom* well there goes me XD their magical voices always kill me. i cant even
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@Annevine they don't really copy Korean versions are always different then Japanese Version i have seen korean japanese shows MVs they are always different koreans change the script , they story and add their own sweet little touches dat i love :) i wdn't call it copy mb they use it as an inspiration and change it in their own ways and style that i totally love :) <3
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@Annevine lol its not called copying, sometimes they buy the song and other times they make a cover of the song. as for dramas they always have their own little changes =)
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,@saharjalpari9,@aneezaful,lol,,, I knew Hanamizuki song revived ,My point is I can't really appreciate as what they did ,I'm a fan of Korean drama's /OST too .
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@Annevine =O ohh lol okay =)
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