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How was everyone's weekend?

My Saturday and Sunday was somewhat productive. The entire Saturday was dedicated to revamping the home and cleaning out old items in the closet. I started packing for the trip next week because I want to save time to take care of other pre-travel errands. Anyways, the closet cleaning wasn't too bad because I found a really helpful questionnaire to organize my thought.
Sharing with you all! It's a frustration saver!
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Lol I totally need this! I recently cleaned out my closet but only really got rid of a few things because I'm the type who always changes styles & wants to have the closet to fit any style I might decide I like!! Haha. But, I did learn another trick that might help you, too! Basically, after cleaning out your closet, hang everything so the hangar is backwards until after you wear it. Then after a month or two, anything that hasn't been turned around should be reconsidered for tossing! If you use drawers, you can just designate one drawer as "haven't worn" and one as "worn"!!
@hikaymm That's a neat trick! The only problem with that is I mainly own cotton tops, so I fold them. I will try that trick with shirts and jackets. =)