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When the music started again, she came out of the hiding spot. She stood in the back, behind everyone as they all watched on the TV monitor. Someone came up behind her, seizing her by the shoulder, startling her. "Where have you been?" the head stylist asked. When he seen the surprised look on her face, he put his hand up, "oh, sorry, didn't mean to give you a scare." They were about the same age, born the same year but he was a few months older, she had mixed feelings about calling him Oppa, so she just called him 'Boss'. Out of the whole crew; hairstylists, make-up artists & wardrobe, they were the oldest. "uh... I wasn't feeling well. Think it was something I ate..." her voice trailed off a bit, "Did something happen while I was gone?" "No but try to be here, the show is almost over. I know you're leaving tomorrow but we still need you to do your job here, got it?" he said throwing his thumb up. She agreed, giving him the thumb as well, "Got it, Boss" Japan, she had completely forgot about that. "And I've been meaning to talk to you about something..." he said crossing his arms, she half turned to him, "I just wanted to warn you, if anything happens or has happened with one of them," he motioned toward the stage, "no one's going to hold it against you but just so you know, it happens. It happens all the time. It wouldn't be the first time if one of them makes a move on you. As long as it doesn't go past this point, the company won't care." She hadn't realized that her mouth dropped. What did she just hear, was this really true? Her sunbae eyed her for a minute, cautiously he asked, "HAS something happened?" She snapped out of it, shook her head, "No. I noticed something but I didn't think anything of it. Besides their too young for me anyhow." she grinned. She bit her lip, she could still taste him. He scrunched his face, "I know it's late, the last show and just a couple more hours before it's all over. I should have said something sooner. I overhead those two talking. We try to ignore their conversations but I heard them mention you so I eavesdropped a little. One said you look hard to break, the other one... I don't know what he said exactly, I got pulled away before they finished. They like to play their little games, they all do but those two... " he said looking at the TV monitor. Her little baby god and little dark god, standing next to each other as the nine spoke to the crowd. "They're the stars, the money makers, it's whatever they want, right?" she said after awhile. "Just keep in mind, it's something that you're going to see a lot in this business." he says before taking his leave. She watched them on the monitor until she seen them heading back. She didn't feel betrayed or hurt, or even mad. Two boys playing a game of who-gets-her-first, huh?, she thought to herself, we shall see.
He looked every where for her as he came down the stairs. His heart was beating inside his throat. He was anxious to get back to what they were doing before, or at least spend a couple minutes with her. He waited until he couldn't wait no more, he asked one of the assistants. "Have you seen my noona, she always helps me." he said trying not to sound urgent or too desperate. The assistant pointed behind herself, "Someone's pants tore, she went to repair it. I can help you." she said as she prepared to lend a hand. He waved her off and headed for the dressing room. Just as he got to the door, his hyung came running out, nearly knocking him over. His face was turning red as he was trying push his shirt back into his pants. They looked at each other. Earlier, his hyung was trying to make a move but now he hopes that he will stop now that he's taken that first step with her. This was no longer a game, he didn't want his hyung to interfere. "Are you okay?" he asked his hyung. He nodded, "Yeah. Lets go, we have to be back on stage in a minute." His hyung tried to pull him by his arm. He managed to free himself from the grip and headed back to the dressing room. "I have to get something, I'll be right there." he said running back down the hallway. He walked into the dressing room but there was no one around. The main light overhead was off, only the lights around the mirrors were on. He didn't hear anything other than the cheering from the crowd. "Are you here?" he whispered but got no answer. "Where did you go?" Just as he was going to leave, he felt someone grab him by the collar, pulling him to the side, shoving him up against the wall very hard (he heard his head thump against it), and then a pair of soft lips pressing against his. When he realized who it was, he wrapped his arms around her, not wanting to let go. "What took you so long?" she asked still kissing him manically. He got into the groove and started kissing her the same way. "I'm sorry...." That was when he felt her tongue go into his mouth. He moaned. When she pulled away, staring at him deeply, he knew that look. He grabbed her around the neck and pulled her in for a deeper kiss. He pushed her against the wall, grabbing her by her thighs and lifting her until her legs were wrapped around his waist tightly. He felt her hips grind against him. It excited him. He couldn't hold back and started to thrust against her. Then everything came to a screeching halt when he heard his hyung calling for him. He pounded the wall. He let her down, adjusted himself, tucking himself, his shirt, everything into place. "Meet me, when the last VCR plays, meet me here." he said. She nodded. He kissed her and left.
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