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Jellyfish's Girl Group's Debut Teaser!

VIXX is going to have another idol group in their company!!!

Jellyfish is known for its solo singers but they had a ton of success with their first idol group, VIXX. Now they're going to try out a girl group called GUGUDAN!

It doesn't tell us much but it seems like their going for the cute innocent girl group concept!

Knowing Jellyfish, they're probably all going to be awesome singers so I'm excited to see what they bring to the table :D

What do you think?

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They seem too poppy for me....I'll have here their songs first before I get excited!
a year ago·Reply
I'm excited and can't wait to hear their sound
a year ago·Reply
i was so out of touch omg i didnt know jellyfish was pregnant
a year ago·Reply
I tried to figure out the name...gugudan (구구단) means multiplication tables and Jellyfish said it represents 9 girls with 9 different charms presenting performances of hopes and dreams so essentially it's 9x9
a year ago·Reply