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It's been a YEAR since the last battle...TIME FOR ANOTHER!

Do you ever have a bias that you think would be amazing in another group?

Well here's your chance!

In Fantasy Kpop you can create your own SUPER GROUP and put them up against other teams!

Here's how it works:

Create Your Super Group:

Each team needs 6 members -
1. Leader
2. Dancer
3. Vocal
4. Maknae
5. Rapper
6. 4D


Pick your team and then there will be SIX battles where your members can get points.

At the end of the month, we will tally everyone's scores and announce the WINNING SUPER GROUP!

Either leave your team in the comments or make a card for them and tag me in it!

(you can see my example below in the comments)

Let the games begin!

MY TEAM: 1. Leader - Hakyeon! 2. Dancer - Mark 3. Vocal - Sandeul 4. Maknae - Jungkook 5. Rapper - Suga 6. 4D - Wonho
Leader: GD Dancer: Rain Vocal: K.Will Maknae: Jungkook Rapper: Jay Park 4D: V
I made a card but I will do it here too. lol Name: LEADERS Leader: G DRAGON Vocal : JB Dancer: TAEMIN Rapper : SUGA Maknae: JUNKOOK 4D: JACKSON
1 Leader - Youngguk (B.A.P) 2 Dancer - Jonghyun (Shinee) 3 Vocal - Taeil (Block B) 4 Maknae - Yugyeom (Got7) 5 Rapper - Jooheon (MX) 6 4D - Jongup (B.A P)
1. Leader: Jackson (Got 7) 2. Dancer: Jimin (BTS) 3. Vocal: IU 4. Maknae: Momo (TWICE) 5. Rapper: Chanyeol (EXO) 6. 4D: V (BTS)
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