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TELL ME ABOUT YOUR BIAS(ES) i'm curious as too why you chose he/she to be your bias and if your like me you like to rant about your bias(es) Sadly I can't rant about that to anyone but here Everyone knows (or if you don't know) my biases are Minho, Ravi, and J-Hope
so rant about whoever you like! (singers, actors/actresses, etc) it doesn't have to be VERY detailed, but if you like go ahead and detail it
I bias all the members of HISTORY but my two main ones are DoKyun and Kyungil. DoKyun was my bias wrecker but that changed lol. I also bias everyone in BIGFLO but my UB is Jungkyun. He looks like Kyungil and they're born one day apart. And both leaders of their groups. In Stellar, my UB is Minhee. She's so cute and adorable especially in the bts clips from shows. So that's pretty much just some of them.
Taeyang is UB...Leo is #2
For whatever reason my biases become biases AFTER I critique them. Like jhope didn't become my bias RIGHT AFTER I saw bts. It was rap monster. I kinda put jhope to the side cause I thought his nose looked too big for me. Then after a little while that nose turned into a very beautiful man.... It's the same for my ub as well. Yoseob kinda put me off a bit with his chubby face and perfect abs. I felt more offended and attacked rather than disgusted. But his voice, of baby his voice. My goal in life is to sing a damn duet with haha. The only one I didn't have a problem with was Amber. I instantly accepted her, no questioned asked. Now bambam... Dear god bambam... His cheeks, with that dyed tipped Mohawk looking hair style? Nope. It threw me off. I personally hated that hair style. Then I saw him go blond and blue and instantly thought he was ten times cuter. I mean I was attracted to his personality and rapping skills, I thought it was super impressive that he was Taiwanese and rapped like a perfect Korean boy, and his goofiness during the dance practices, but it was always the hair. THAT DAMN HAIR UGH.
my biases are mostly the main vocal, the dancer, the shortest, or the rapper and I just don't know why I chose these people. some examples main vocal- kihyun from monsta x and jungkook from BTS dancer- jun from seventeen and hoshi too shortest- Milo from romeo rapper- milo too from romeo
Groups like Cross Gene, HISTORY, and BTS I cannot pick a single bias I love them all. SHINee, Key is my UB. I fell for his dance moves, I could watch him all day long just dancing, I love it when he does girl group dances because I swear he does them better then the girls. I love his eyes, lips, and he has such a sexy voice. I could listen to him all day too, just talking random stuff. But what made him my UB was how yes he's an idol but he took the time to reply to a fan and he was sincere about it. When a famous person does this, it makes me respect them more, and once they have my respect I'm very loyal to them.