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Here's an interesting fact. I had really long hair during Freshman year of college but got got it cut after sophomore year due to shoulder pain. My hair is on the thicker side and it puts a lot of weight on my neck. I learned that with thick hair you need to evenly distribute the weight to avoid possible shoulder pains. If you word in an office setting you are more likely to bend your head forward. Your spine then curves and also if the hair is heavy you tend to lean forward more.
Here are a few ways that can help evenly distribute the hair weight.

1. Milkmaid Braid or Crown Braid will distribute the weight evenly as opposed to low buns.

2. Get some weight off your back by getting a face-framing layer or v-cut layer.

3. If you don't like the look of layers, you can ask your hairstylist to thin your hair.

This is a hair cutting technique focus in the inner hair section which makes thicker hair look weightless.

4. Finally, the last option is to get a short hair cut.

@Riethu this is why I've been having neck and shoulder pain more reason to get my cut 😆
This is really interesting. I have ridiculously thick hair and I've been suffering from shoulder pain for a long time. it never occurred to me the two could be connected lol
you lucky people with super thick hair! ❤ my mom tells me she had really thick hair and I always, always get to hear that I didn't take after her!
@ScarletMermaid Yeah, it also took me a while to realize that! haha
I don't have shoulder pains but I get pain spots on my scalp, imagine bruised muscle pains on your head all year round.... I get temporary relief when my bf does head and neck massage for me. Definitely cutting my hair short when summer's here, now I need my lush mane to keep my head warm lol.