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Hi everyone! Jiji here! So I just wanted to inform all the amazing VIXX fanfic writers that recently I've decided that I would like to keep smut out of our community Yes yes I know some people enjoy reading it and all that, but I don't want any younger fans being able to see it. There are starlights who really don't need to read that. Plus, do we really need to write that about our VIXX bebes? No, we really don't. So if any of you see anything smut related, please send me a link so I can remove it and keep our community clean okay? This is nothing against fanfic writers, its just I personally find smut icky (no offense to you writers but I do, Its just a personal dislike) and I don't believe it belongs in our community :) If you do write it please keep it in the fanfic community! Thank you :) Thank you to everyone who has written some awesome fanfics and I'm sorry if anyone is upset by the removal of vulgar fanfics.
@kpopandkimchi Yeah its fine in the fanfic community, but here in the VIXX community, I just want it to stay clean, they can post all they want in the fanfic community and the readers can go read it there, but not here
I'd say smut is fine as long as its in the fan fic community. while some find it disgusting it is up to the writers and their audience. not for me, but i wont shut down smut writers and readers. I agree to keeping it in fan fiction and out of vixx general comm though!
@SimplyAwkward I don't think anyone has written any, I just want to be sure all of that stays out of the community
@JiyongLeo I've been trying to keep smut out of the K-Pop community for ages, but it honestly feels like a losing battle XD no matter how many times you tell people it just keeps getting posted :/ good on you though, kids really don't need that clogging their feed, heck I'm not a kid and I don't need it either XD
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