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You’re awake yet there is no pain. Wow, what are these drugs? They need these in the US, they are fabulous. You climb out of bed, looking around you. You see [HN] in the bed next to yours and wander over to be with him. Did the surgery work? Is he better? Why isn’t he awake yet like you? Your fingers brush over his hair and what skin shows through his bandages. You lean down pressing your lips to his.
You look down; no, he isn’t awake, but you heard him.
You turn to find him standing behind you. You look back at the bed frightened. No, he can’t be gone, you’ll die without him!
“Come here,” he calls to you and without hesitation you fly into his arms. He feels real, he feels amazing! You thought you might never feel those arms around you again, tears sting your eyes and you hug him closer to you.
“How?” You ask as you look back at his body laying in the bed in the recovery room.
He takes your hand and leads you back to your bed. Confused you look down and gasp as you see your own body laying there. You aren’t in pain because you aren’t in your body; it is no miracle of medicine.
You stare back up at him in wonder, “Are we dead?”
He smiles and strokes your cheek, “If we are this would be heaven; to still be with you.” He leans down, his soft lips brushing against yours in a tender kiss.
“Then how?”
“I’m still in a coma Jagi, but you have to go back. I don’t want to wake up if you aren’t here with me.”
Suddenly a monitor starts blaring beeps into the room and you hear a code blue call over the hospital intercom.
“I don’t understand, what do you mean go back?”
He turns you toward the commotion that has erupted in the room. Doctors and nurses have rushed in and are hovering over your body lying still in the hospital bed. You watch in fascination as they start CPR and give you an injection to restart your heart.
You turn back to [HN], “I’m dying?”
“You don’t have to. You can still go back. Please Jagi; return for me.”
With his last words he disappears and you turn back to the scene in front of you. You walk over, through the mass of bodies and stare down at yourself. You know that going back will bring pain. The physical body is riddled with it, emotionally and physically. However, can you really leave [HN] when you begged him not to leave you? What would it be like to stay in this state? Free of pain, yet unwilling to leave him behind. Does he then become like a vice and you spend the rest of eternity haunting him? Watching him mourn and then fall in love with someone else? Your question really isn’t a question. Life isn't worth living without him, eternity wouldn't turn into hell as well. You aren’t sure how this works but since you got up out of bed when you left, you figure you’ll try just laying right back down.
[HN] and Eun’s parents wait anxiously for someone to come in and tell them who had flatlined and if they were brought back. Fear laces through them as time stretches on and no one has come to say anything. Is that good news or is that bad? Were they still fighting to save that person’s life?
An hour past when the alarm sounded the doctor finally makes his way back to the waiting room. Everyone stands, awaiting his words.
“Has the friend of the female arrived yet?”
Haru sits back down, realizing it wasn’t [HN] in any danger.
Gi speaks up, “Lee? No. We have sent [HN]’s plane after her but it will still be another two hours before she can get here, she lives on the coast. Why? Was it [YN]?”
Her voice cracks with emotion, “Did you save her? It was to be a simple procedure what happened?”
The doctor holds his hand up to halt her flow of words.
“It is a simple procedure; however, it is still major surgery with usually no complications. It appears though, that your [YN] is fatally allergic to some of our medications. It is always a possibility with someone of another race. But yes, we were able to counter the effects and brought her back safely. She is stabilized at the moment. We will be placing her in ICU as well until we are sure all the medication is out of her system.”
Gi takes a deep breath and nods, “Thank you. Doctor? Is there any possibility that they could share a room? I know its not normal protical in ICU but is there a possibility? Please, could you look into it? We’ll pay whatever it takes.”
The doctor looks at her in confusion.
“That is a highly unusual request madam. It endangers both their lives by sharing a room. If she codes again it could upset your son to be so close; besides hamper those trying to aide her. Most are not sure what coma patients hear, I believe they hear everything. That could set him back.”
“But it could help him too couldn’t it? And I feel it will help her. They need each other. I just have this feeling. Please, won’t you check into it for us?”
The doctor looks at her skeptically but nods his head in agreement. He looks over at Eun’s parents,
“Your daughter is in with her husband. She is looking exceptionally strained, I’m sure she could use your support.”
As the door closes behind the doctor, Gi turns to Haru.
“It wasn’t [HN]; you can go home now. We’ll support your daughter, as we always have.” She takes her husband’s hand and they head out the door to find Eun’s room. At the door she turns back,
“I’m truly sorry for you Haru. You have so much that you don’t even realize you’re about to lose.”
After a lengthy visit with Eun, supporting her and talking to the still sleeping Jaewoon; Gi and her husband head up to ICU. They moved you and [HN] up to a room about thirty minutes ago; after the doctor had pulled strings with the hospital board and arranged it. Only one person is allowed in the room at a time. [HN]’s father motions for his wife to go first and watches from the window.
Tears pour down her cheeks at seeing the two of you lying so still, looking like death in your hospital beds. She stands between both beds, taking your hand in one and [HN]’s hand in another. She stands that way for several minutes, then wipes her eyes and takes action.
Walking over to your bed, careful of the equipment; she struggles and finally gets your bed to move. It is just a few inches but she’s happy with it. She heads over to [HN]’s bed and does the same. Taking the only chair in the room, she places it between the beds; once more taking your hand and [HN]’s in each of hers. She glances up at her husband with a watery smile and receives back a thumbs up.
Several minutes pass as she closes her eyes to pray. Mid-prayer she feels a movement and immediately opens her eyes to see who is awake. Disappointment clouds her face as neither of you seem to have moved or awoken. She hangs her head, hiding a fresh set of tears from her husband.
Upon glancing down her heart races, tears pouring freely down her cheeks; as she finds you and [HN]’s hands linked.
omg quit being so damn romantic in my despair! ugh lol I feel so damn helpless but loved at thr same damn time!
OMG I'm still in tears from the last few chapters!!!! H/N's mother makes my heart happy!
@GriseldaZenger ummm cause i cant process what is going on! lol 👽
my heart is so weak today...
Awww my hearteu💖😢 His mom is just so...she's a damn angel!😢 love her!
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