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Macau Grand Prx Paddock. Because Lambos are extremely easy to drive, many choose this car to go racing.
@takashi02 Well, racing cars are not built to last and neither are their gear boxes. When I was managing a racing team, the Porsche GT3 Cup car engine had to be rebuilt every 5000km by Porsche. So it goes to show that you have to compromise on reliability for speed. All homologated cars have this problem as the gear box used are made specifically for racing and not for durability.
@benardquek wow that's awesome info to hear. I also heard that the clutch is also a major problem and usually needs to be replaced every 10k did you also find that to be true?
@takashi02 Generally all Lambos are easier to drive in competition. My friend who runs a GT team told me that he's tried it and told me it was effing easy compared to the likes of the Porsche GT3 Cup car. The only downside is when you have an electronics failure on the Lambo, a real pain to sort out. :-)
Wow that's an amazing Lamborghini :)
I do thanks @curtisb! @benardquek I'm surprised you said the lambo is an extremely easy car to drive. I always thought that the murcielago and gallardo were much harder to drive.
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