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I had just written a card about a movie I wanted to see with him in it and quite a few of us expressed how much we love him as an actor.

News just came out that the 27 year old died in a freak car accident and is no longer with us.

He is best known for his role in Star Trek, but I first fell in love with his role in New York I Love You.

It's 7 minutes and I HIGHLY recommend you watch it. It's a great short :)

So all I can say is, rest in peace, and thank you for the wonderful work you left us with.

I hope his family and friends can find happiness knowing he touched so many lives!
He also did a great job in that movie Terminator: Salvation with Christian Bale.
damn that's crazy! I liked him in all his roles.
Wow! I didn't even know he was gone. Truly a sad event, he will be deeply missed
Wow, yeah I had just commented on that card :/ RIP Anton, so sad to see talent like that go so young :(
@sophiamor yeah, this is crazy! have you seen rudderless? great movie in my opinion but his performance was awesome
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