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Remakes is nothing new. It's an old and common practice for music company to purchase the right to let their own artist cover the song. This rarely happens but if it's a widely popular song, the chance of hearing a cover in different language is high. So, today, I'll be sharing 7 popular remakes you may or may not heard of before. I included release year to show which version was made popular first. NOTE: This card is not comparing the artist but two show the different vibe and flavor. It's not fair to compare their vocal ability!
Korean Version: (2004) Freestyle - Y(please tell me why)
Taiwanese Version: (2005) Wilber Pan - Gotta Love You
Korean Version: (2004) SG Wannabe - Timeless
Taiwanese Version: (2004) Tension - Timeless
Korean Version: (2001) T - As Time Goes By
Taiwanese: (2004) Cyndi Wang - As Time Goes By
Korean Version: (2001) Brown Eyes - Already One Year
Taiwanese Version: (2002) Evonne Hsu - Antibody of Love
Taiwanese Version: (1998) Rene Liu - Love You So Much
Korean Version: (2007) CSJH - Your Smile
Taiwanese Version: (2004) F.I.R. - Lydia
Korean Version: (2006) May - Lydia
Korean Version: (2003) Park Yong Ha - Just For Yesterday
Chinese Version: (2004) Jacky Cheung - If I didn't Love You