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When Pets Bring Dead Birds Home

Is your cat or dog big on bringing dead mice or birds inside too?

When my dog was still a puppy, a bird accidentally flew into our house. I went to go grab a broom to help chase the flying bird out of our living room, and by the time I returned, my adorable little weinerdog somehow killed it.
I've never been able to look at her the same way after that. I see you, Murder Dog.
while this comic is comical, there's actual explanations for this phenomenon. cats will bring dead animals to their owners when they are trying to feed their humans; they are quite capable of eating the animals outside, so there's no need for them to being them inside (although some may do so to store, it isn't as common within the house). as for dogs, many will chase after and kill small animals because it is in their nature. you're dachshund for example was bred to hunt badgers, groundhogs, etc for humans because they were pest animals. many people forget this about their dogs since in most places these dogs aren't performing their original tasks anymore. sorry if I came on too strong. I just love animals, have been studying them since I was 3 and love to inform others on tidbits when given the opportunity (':
@momoko1 I am the smartest person in the world. How dare you bring my genius under such direct scrutiny.
@momoko1 Dogs and cats can be trained, I see you either a bad trainer or never owned a pet. And calling people idiots based on ignorance, just exposed your own idiocy.
@momoko1 not really all dogs and cats. I have adopted more than 5 cats before and only 2 of them have that real hunter instinct and bought 'gift' to their master.
@YumiMiyazaki that's disturbing, were you able to discourage her from doing it? @danidee your hypothesis is even more disturbing lol! catacombs of lizard heads... *shudder..
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