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Bts & Got7 Dab your life away
Dab here
Dab there
Dab everywhere
*Wait*....*where that dab go*....*RIGHT HERE BOIIIII* *漏 and credit to owners *comment if you want to be added to the Army or I GGOT7 squads taglist Army @kimnam94 @mrsyookihyun @pharmgirlerin @taehyungv @chelseagarcia I GGOT7 @kimnam94 @mrsyookihyun @pharmgirlerin @taehyungv
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Sooooo true true 馃槀
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bambam the king of dabbing lol馃槀 and me in both please 馃槉
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So fun. I'm ARMY and iGOT7, always happy to be tagged in stuff about my boys!
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BamBam wakes up every morning and dabs... 馃槕馃槕 Dab life. Once you go dab, you can't go back... *starts dabbing all over the place*..
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Oh and can you tag me in both!?!?! 馃槉馃槉
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