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Mercedes Benz DTM C-Klasse

His name was Ludwig, we had a beer together and I had no idea he was going to drive this car later in the race at Hockenheim circuit. That he did. These were the old C-Klasse cars in DTM which was to be retired after this very race. Shot on film, 1993.
@BenardQuek thanks I'll start there. For now it's just a hobby but if doors ever opened up it would be great. Thank you for the insight! I'll keep it in mind~
@takashi02 If for some reason you had the chance to do some photography with local magazines yes that opportunity will open up to you. Sam started as an intern at R&T. If you are talented, luck will find a way to open the doors to you. The main thing here is to find a way into the publishing house. Commercial photogs who shoot cars will never get such a chance as they are doing it for money and profit.
@BenardQuek Wow that's amazing. I think it's amazing that you had the chance to meet those people and work in that kind of environment. Do you think it is possible for anyone with a passion for photography and cars?
@takeshi02, I was a journalist and magazine editor then. Had the chance to sit down and talk to him. It was by chance that I met him at a resort in Australia. I also met John Lamm from Road & Track magazine at the resort. Personally, I also know Sam Mitani from Road & Track. He was writing for me as a freelancer while working at R&T.
Wow that's really cool I haven't heard of Teo Fabi before. Were you also a driver as well? where did you get the chance to meet them?
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