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And the first chapter is done! *throws confetti in the air*
I hope you guys enjoy it! XD
Want to read the synopsis first? I gotchu~

Chapter 1 - New Student

Y/N's P.O.V
Today is the day.
I thought as I started to get ready for school.
Today is the day that I am going to confess to Ken.
I breathed in and out.
I was extremely nervous but at the same time excited.
I seriously doubt Ken knows about little me from class 3 - A.
But that is all going to change today.
After brushing my teeth and changing into my school uniform I ran downstairs to grab some breakfast.
"Morning mom!" I called out.
"Yah!" she replied. "Why are you always running late? You never have time to eat in the morning. You need to wake up earlier!" she nagged.
"Ne~" I answered half-heartedly.
Right, me waking up early? Sure.
My mom always nagged - she was a pro at it.
It is like it is her superpower or something.
I think she feels that since it is only the two of us, she has to, to keep me in check.
I know what you are thinking, where is my dad you might ask?
Well, he passed away when I was very young.
He had developed brain cancer and he became terminal when I was six.
I barely remember him but from the photos my mom shows me, he looked like a kind and caring man - a great father.
I just wish that I could have memories of him.
The weird thing too is that I have absolutely no memories of before I was six.
At first, I thought that was normal until other kids my age would tell me things they remember from when they were four or five.
After finding this out, I started to wonder why this is.
I even tried to ask my mom about it but she said that it was okay not to remember anything and she tried to brush it off.
The scar at the back of my head tells me otherwise though.
I have a feeling she is hiding something from me, but I just can't seem to figure it out.
"I am leaving!" I called out, grabbing toast and running away with it in my mouth.
"Love you!" she replied as I shut the door.
"Lhove yhou thoo" I shouted back, muffled.
I ran out the front gate of my house and started to race down the street.
"Y/N!" I heard someone call out behind me.
I stopped for a split second to look behind to see my best friend, Hongbin, running late as well.
"Wait up!" he yelled.
"Why are you running late? You are always there before me!" I answered as he caught up to me.
"I slept in this morning," he said, rubbing the back of his head.
"Pabo!" I teased, as I started to run again.
"Aish, run slower!" he yelled as he continued to run behind me.
After a few minutes we made it to the entrance of our school and headed inside.
We ran up the stairs and quickly opened the door to our classroom and walked in.
"We...made it," I said breathlessly.
"With...time...to spare," he also said, panting.
We walked over to our seats.
We sit next to each other, me with the window seat on the left side of the classroom in the second row, and him right beside me.
As we sat down, he asked me a question.
"So are you going to do it today?" he asked.
"Do what?" I responded.
"Confess!" he whispered. "You told me you where!"
"Ahh," I said. "Yes I am. I put the note in his locker yesterday to meet me at the rooftop at lunch. I am so nervous, Hongbin. I feel like I am about to throw up, for lack of a better term," I explained.
He started laughing.
"You just have butterflies in your stomach. You will be fine!" He reassured. "I mean what is the worst that can happen?"
"He laughs at me?"
"Well..." he trailed off. I hit him.
"You are supposed to be supportive right now!" I told him.
"I am kidding," he laughed. "He won't laugh at you I promise. You are going to be fine okay?" he said.
"Okay," I responded.
We started to get out the things for homeroom when the teacher walked in.
I got up and called out the greeting for the morning, the class responding with me.
"Good morning everyone," the teacher answered. "Before we begin class, we have a new student today."
And at that mention, the new student came through the door.
The class oohed and aahed as he came to the front.
Ooo, he is good-looking.
The girls in the class are going to be all over him for sure.
"Please introduce yourself," the teacher said, redirecting his attention to our classroom.
"Hello, my name is Hakyeon and I am new today. Please take care of me," he said, bowing to the classroom.
The whole class applauded and broke into whispers about him.
"Y/N?" The teacher called out, making everyone turn silent.
"Ne!" I responded.
"Would you mind showing Hakyeon around after first period so he can find his way around the school?" she said.
"Sure, I would love to," I said, giving a smile.
"Okay, Hakyeon you can also take your seat behind Y/N for right now," she said pointing him in my direction.
As he looked over, his eyes suddenly widened as he saw me.
He stood still for a minute or two, making me flustered as the class was staring about the both of us.
The teacher then broke him out of his trance and pushed him to my direction to sit down.
He walked over quickly and sat down behind me, leaving me confused.
Why did he look like he recognized me or something?
I quickly brushed it off and listened to the lecture that the teacher started to give.
Class ended quickly and as I started to rise from my seat, someone grabbed my arm.
I looked back to see that it was the new student, Hakyeon, who had stopped me.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Y-Y/N?" he questioned.
"Yes, that is my name," I said, laughing.
"Do you remember me?" he asked.
I looked at him confused.
"Um, no...have I met you before?"I asked, giving a small smile.
He stared at me, at what seemed like shock.
He then, gently removed his hand from my arm.
"Should I remember you?" I questioned him, unsure of how to respond.
"N-No," he said. "I must be thinking of someone else with your name. Sorry," he said.
"That is okay. I hope you find the person you look for," I told him.
He gave me a small smile.
"Oh, I almost forgot. I told the teacher that I would show you around." I told him. "Do you want to follow me out?" I suggested.
"Sure," he gave me a small smile.
"We will be right back, Hongbin, okay?" I told him.
"Okay, don't get lost," he teased.
"Psh, I only got lost once," I said. "Leave me alone," I whined as he started to laugh at me.
I turned back around to see that Hakyeon was ready to walk around the school.
I started walking ahead, and motioned him to follow me.
He walked behind me and we went from classroom to classroom and floor to floor until Hakyeon felt confident going around the school himself.
"Ok and that is it!" I said. "Do you have any questions for me?" I asked.
"Just one," he said.
"Shoot," I answered.
"You really don't remember me?" he questioned again.
I stopped and turned to look at him.
Hmm...he doesn't look familiar.
But when I look at him, I get a feeling that I have met him before.
But I just don't know from where.
"I don't sorry," I told him.
"That is so weird," he whispered.
"Is there another Y/N in the area or in the school?" he asked me.
I thought for a second.
"Hmm, I don't think so. I am the only Y/N I know of at least," I told him.
"Why are you looking for another Y/N?" I asked.
"Just someone I used to know before I left for the States," he explained.
"Oh! You lived in the States?" I asked. "Wah," I said amazed.
"How was it?" I asked.
"Good, my korean is a little rough because of it but I would like to think that I can at least speak okay," he said.
"I think so. I wouldn't have even known that you were from the United States until you told me," I reassured him.
"Well that is good to know," he said, chuckling.
"We should probably head back now," I told him. "We already missed half of the class, we probably shouldn't miss all of it," I said.
"Okay, I am more comfortable about the school now. Thank you for showing me around," he stated.
"Anytime. Just let me know if you have any more questions about anything," I told him.
"I will," he said giving me a smile.
We walked back to the class and when we went back in, the students were all quiet.
It looked like a self-work session so we just snuck back in and went to our seats.
"What are we doing?" I whispered to Hongbin.
"We are doing practice problems, on this page," he showed me.
"Okay thank you," I said.
I turned around and motioned to Hakyeon what we were doing and he started to get out his book as well and start working.
He seems like a really nice guy.
He really seems obsessed with finding that girl though.
Omo, I wonder if they had something special before he left.
How cute.
I hope he finds her here soon.
Class flew by and we then headed to our next class.
And then before we knew it, it was lunchtime.
"Is it okay, if I sit with you guys?" Hakyeon asked Hongbin and I.
"Sure," I said.
"Thank you," he replied.
We all went and sat where Hongbin and I usually sat for lunch - outside in the courtyard at one of the tables.
"So I don't know if I introduced myself earlier, but my name is Hongbin," Hongbin said, holding out his hand to Hakyeon.
"Nice to meet you," he replied, shaking his hand.
"So where are you from?" Hongbin asked.
"Well I lived here until I was six, but then I moved to the United States and I have lived there for the last twelve years. My dad was able to get a job back here so we decided to move back," he explained.
"Daebak," Hongbin stated.
"I know right? His korean is so good!" I said.
"I wouldn't have known either. Well, welcome back to Korea!" Hongbin said giving a smile.
All of the sudden, we heard the screams of girls only a few feet away from us.
We turned around to see three of the members of the student council.
Leo, Ravi, and Hyuk.
"Who are they?" Hakyeon asked.
"The student council," Hongbin answered. "They are pretty popular around the school, with their good looks and grades."
"The one on the left is Leo. No one really knows too much about him because he is quiet all the time so he gives off a mysterious aura, which girls love." I explained.
"The one in the middle is Ravi. Rumor has it that he used to be a gangster but after coming into the student council, he gave up his ways. I don't know if it is true but I definitely don't want to test that theory," Hongbin continued.
"And the one on the right is Hyuk. He is infamous for being a player. He flirts with a bunch of girls around the school and it makes you wonder how he even got on the council," I explained.
"And then there is one more, the student council president. His name is Ken. He is very friendly with everyone and he has a great reputation. He is definitely a good person to have as a student president," Hongbin said.
It then hit me. I abruptly stood up, startling both of them.
"Shoot! I forgot! I have to go!" I said, starting to get out of my seat. "I will see you guys later!" I waved goodbye as I ran off, headed to the rooftop.
I completely forgot about meeting Ken on the roof!
I really hope he is still up there.
I quickly ran up the steps, and stopped right in front of the door to the rooftop.
I breathed in and out as my heart started to race again.
I slowly opened the door to see him standing there, looking away from me.
I closed the door behind me and my first instinct was to run, but I decided against it.
I walked towards him and I was determined.
Here goes nothing.

Hakyeon's P.O.V

As I watched Y/N run off, all I could think was how much she looked like her.
They seem like the same person, but she doesn't remember me.
We promised each other that we wouldn't forget, but she didn't really erase me from her memory, did she?
We even promised each other to...
I stopped myself, embarrassed at my memory.
I haven't heard from her in years.
I wonder what happened to her.
We sent mail back and forth for the first couple of months but then she suddenly stopped replying.
I kept on trying to reach her but I would get no response.
What if something happened to her?
Y/N, I will come for you soon.
Whether you are the Y/N here at the school or far away from here.
I will find you and keep my promise to you.
I promise.

Y/N's P.O.V

"I-I like you," I told him, my heading facing the ground.
I am so embarrassed right now.
I can't believe I actually confessed.
After a minute, I silently started panicking at the silence between us.
Why isn't he saying anything?!
I continued to stare at the ground, when I saw his feet shifting as he turned around to face me.
Unconsciously, my eyes grew and I could feel my face heat up.
"Y/N right?" he suddenly said.
I quickly looked up to see him looking at me.
H-He knows my name?
"N-Ne," I whispered, averting my eyes from his face.
"Why do you like me?" he asked.
"What made you like me?" he repeated.
I became flustered again.
I moved a piece of hair from my face, behind my ear as part of my nervous habit.
"U-Um," I stuttered. "I think it was because of what I saw you do when I was walking home one day a while ago." I started.
"I-I was walking home after school when I saw an ahjumma wander into the street while there were still cars going in her direction. I was about to run and go and grab her when I saw you do it instead. I was relieved that you saved her and I thought that I had recognized you and that is when I realized that you were the student president. I then started to pay more attention to you from then on and then I came to understand that I...had started to like you," I explained.
I looked back up to see his face almost completely stoic. He looked a little surprised but if he was, he was definitely not expressing it.
I started to panic.
"Y-You don't have to answer or anything I just wanted to let you know," I said. "I-I am going to go now. It was nice talking to you and I will see you around on school grounds," I rambled as I started to turn away.
I started to speed walk back to the door, mentally hitting myself, when he called out my name.
"Y/N," he said.
I stopped in my tracks.
I didn't turn around as I did not want to confront him but as I heard him walk towards me, my heart started to race.
"I will go out with you," he said, straightforwardly.
I quickly turned around, taken back by his answer.
"What?" I asked.
"I will go out with you. But only for a month. I want to see what happens," he said.
I stared at him in shock, my mouth hanging wide open.
"You seem interesting and my life has gotten boring lately so I think this should be fun. Give me your phone," he said holding out his hand.
I slowly reached into my pocket, still completely confused by what was happening, and handed him my phone.
He started to type into my phone and when he gave it back, I saw that he put his number in my phone.
"I already sent a text to myself so I have your number and when I text you, I want you to reply in 10 minutes. We will also have our first date this weekend and I will tell you when and where," he said. "I look forward to this month with you, Y/N," he said giving me a smile.
My heart skipped a beat.
He then walked past me and headed down the stairs as I stood there, with my mouth still hung open, trying to figure out what just happened.
I am...going out...with Ken?!
What the hell just happened?!!
I don't even know where to start.
He is really weird though.
He wants to go out with me because his life is boring?
He probably doesn't even like me...
I exhaled in frustration.
Well, that went differently than I expected.
But I am going out with Ken!!
I started to squeal with excitement.
I looked down at my phone to see that this wasn't just a dream.
I then hugged my phone, thanking it for being here.
This is the best day of my life.
I then heard the bell ring that lunch was over.
I started to head back down to the classroom with the biggest smile on my face.
I walked in and sat down in my seat.
"Someone looks happy," Hongbin said.
"You will not-" I started when the bell interrupted me.
"I will tell you later," I whispered to him.
The rest of school seemed to fly by.
I mainly zoned out in all of the classes because of what happened earlier as all I could think about was Ken and where he was going to take me on our date.
As the final bell rang, I quickly gathered my things.
"Ready to walk home?" Hongbin said.
"Yeppers," I replied.
"Where do you live Hakyeon?" I asked.
"I live off of Stuart St. My house number 1467," he explained.
I stared at him in shock.
"No way!" I responded. "I live right next to you!" I stated.
He looked at me in shock.
"That is so cool! You are definitely welcome to walk with us every morning for school," Hongbin mentioned.
Hakyeon, seemed frozen, as he was still staring at my face.
"Hello, earth to Hakyeon?" I called out, trying to break him out of his trance.
"U-Uh," he responded, blinking a couple of times.
"Let's go," I said while smiling at him.
We all started walking, Hongbin and I ahead of Hakyeon.
"So what were you going to tell me?" Hongbin whispered.
"Oh that's right!" I started. "Don't fall over okay?" I told him in preparation.
"What could be so-"
"I am going out with Ken!" I quietly exclaimed.
He looked as surprised as I was when it happened.
"You are lying to me aren't you?" he questioned, not believing me.
"Ani! Look! He even gave me his number!" I said, showing him my phone.
"Wah," he started. "I can't believe this," he confessed.
"Me either. I was in shock. The weird thing is though, he only said for a month. He said his life was 'boring' and that I seemed 'interesting' so he agreed to go out with me," I explained.
"That sounds really...weird," Hongbin responded.
"Yeah, I thought it was weird at first too, but then I thought, 'Who cares?! I am going out with Ken!'" I told him.
"Well, congratulations, nonetheless," he said flashing me a smile.
"Thank you," I said, giving him a huge smile in return.
I turned around to see that Hakyeon was still walking behind us and he looked like he was contemplating something.
I wonder what he is thinking about.

Hakyeon's P.O.V

I am really starting to believe that this Y/N is the same Y/N that I am looking for.
I mean, my family and I moved back into the same place we lived in before and my Y/N was living right next to me.
And this Y/N is also living there?
Something seems off about all of this.
I glanced back at Y/N and studied her more closely.
She really does look like her.
But why doesn't she remember me?
Maybe I can ask her parents.
They are bound to remember me right?
"Hakyeon?" Y/N called out, breaking me out of my thoughts.
I looked up to see that Hongbin had disappeared and that it was just Y/N and I now.
"Yes?" I responded.
"What are you thinking about? You seem really deep in thought about it," she said.
"Ah, I am just thinking about all the homework we have to do. Since I am coming in the middle of the semester I am a little lost," I told her.
"Oh! Well, if you need any help, just ask me," she offered. "I live just right next door and, if I do say so myself, I do get pretty good grades so I can help you," she continued.
"That would be awesome! Thank you," I replied.
"No problem! How about Wednesday night? We could go over some things then! I have a meeting tomorrow with some of the other class presidents about our festival coming up, otherwise I would offer to do it tomorrow," she explained.
"Sounds great," I said.
Maybe I can look around too while I am at her house and see I can find some clues.
Something that will help me figure out if she is my Y/N.
We then turned the corner and reached our houses.
We both stopped.
"Well, I will see you around, neighbor~" she said, giving me a smile.
"See you," I said, waving as she walked ahead of me.
And as I watched her walk into her house, she gave me one last smile and wave before closing the door.
Whether she is the Y/N I am looking for or not...
I will find out.

So much happened!

I hope you all enjoyed it as I am super excited to write this series.
It will be a little more challenging than my other stories, but what is life without challenges, right? XD
Love you all and see you in the next chapter! XOXO
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