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Alright so I went though the BIGGEST horror movie phase in high school and I'm still totally into them.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, faints at the mere THOUGHT of the Grudge.
With the Conjuring 2 in theatres (literally the last week so this is MY LAST CHANCE) I was wondering what people thought about horror movies as date night movies.
Personally I like watching horror movies at home so I can yell a lot and not feel bad for the people next to me, but even at home I can't think of a time my boyfriend and I sat down and watching one together!

I think it would be a great bonding experience!

But then again, I'm a huge horror fan so I'm biased...what do you guys think?

Could horror movies make a good date night movie for you?

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Horror dates are usually always good, especially if your date is scared of them, then she/he wouldn't want to be alone afterwards 馃槈. I like horror movies though, especially the really good asian ones. American's sense of horror is kind of bad, haven't seen any really good American ones.
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No. I literally pass out for anything XD I'm brave and everything but when it comes to horror movies it's a nay nay. I just can't help but creep out馃槚
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No, I don't like horror movies at all. They aren't entertaining to me.
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Nope, absolutely not
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Nay 馃槹馃槹馃槹 I'm not brave like everyone else T^T
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