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Alright so I went though the BIGGEST horror movie phase in high school and I'm still totally into them.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, faints at the mere THOUGHT of the Grudge.
With the Conjuring 2 in theatres (literally the last week so this is MY LAST CHANCE) I was wondering what people thought about horror movies as date night movies.
Personally I like watching horror movies at home so I can yell a lot and not feel bad for the people next to me, but even at home I can't think of a time my boyfriend and I sat down and watching one together!

I think it would be a great bonding experience!

But then again, I'm a huge horror fan so I'm biased...what do you guys think?

Could horror movies make a good date night movie for you?

Oh I don't know! I'm with you on watching them at home. I would prefer to watch them by myself because I usually don't scream but when I'm with someone, all of my emotions are heightened and I scream like a banshee!!!
If you both like horror movies, great! Especially when you can cuddle up to him at the 'scary parts' haha
Not for me! On one of our first dates, my husband showed me The Shining. I was so freaked out, and he was asleep on the couch! Luckily it was during the day, or I don't think there would have been a third date!
yeah!!! I love horror movie dates, at home the theater I don't care!!!! let's do it!
I am an actress, fx makeup artist, fx set designer, and casting director for a haunted house so it takes a lot to actually scare me.......there hasn't been a horror movie yet made that has scared me so a horror movie date night would be ok.
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