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seen this challenge and was tagged also by @kpopandkimchi my Group of my 6 will be if it was 7 it would moat likely include that man Kyungil lol. just cause his body.
1. Leader is my UB T.O.P i love u hubby.
2. Dancer would be none other then Kai
3. Vocal is JB he can also be my dancer but sadly Kai cant sing nor rap.
4. Maknae is V cause he is the youngest in my group lol sorry he is my 4d also but yea.
5. Rapper i had to choose between T.o.P and YongGuk. but i figured he is leader in b.a.p already, i give him a break.
6. 4D is Yunhyeong we all know he is a goof ball tho. well there is my group. i got 3 vocals. JB my Main and V & Yunhyeong is my lead vocals. i got 2 rappers both are main rappers. [sorry they are both really good and cant choose between the two on to have as main and leas. so i made them both main.] and i have 2 dancers my main is Kai and JB is lead dancer. Yunhyeong and V share the title as 4D. V is more the 4D tho we all that. hope everyone enjoyed.
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All of those pictures of Kyungil kill especially the last one, my god his eyes...i died