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Jeup from the rookie group Imfact... They only did one song called Lollipop. The cutest song (in my opinion), very bubbly and I love it since it sounds like they are saying Lolita which was the name of a dear aunt and friend. Anywho, just look at this man lol. What a hunk...♡♡ He slaying with that pinkeu hair.
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@Keniaaxox same..I liked Jian and Ungjae because of their names lol and the Jeup was like boom me and here I am liking him lol.
Never of them but I'll gladly give them a listen...even though it's the last thing I need another group to come along and wreck everything. 😂
hahaha I'm meeting them next week. Will pass on ur hellos to them 😉😉
I haven't heard from them but I'm gonna check them out. PS: I think he looks hotter with black hair 😉.
Sang from Imfact is my bias