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*Potential spoilers for Re: Zero up through Episode 12!!*
There's a lot we could talk about after this episode (why does Felt look so possessed when she reappears???), but I want to talk about Emilia because Emilia is honestly one of the most interesting characters to me. She seems to trust Subaru, but basically says that she does not by asking him to prove that he's trustworthy. It's easy to forget that she has only known him for about two weeks. Even though he has "known" her for much longer.

Here's that I'm thinking about today: symbolism surrounding Emilia-tan!

I have always thought that there is more to Emilia-tan than just being an angel who doesn't want to get Subaru involved in her problems. And there's symbolism in the show to point to the fact that that might be true.
In episode 12, she is hiding in the shadows. She is also wearing the cat-ear hoodie, which while obviously meant to make her look cute, but perhaps it also has a deeper meaning?
The cat ear hood in anime is symbolic shorthand for "this person is not honest / has a personality they are hiding," which we recently saw this with the protagonist of "School Live."
Then, the kids were talking about their cat stamps, and they all said something different about the stamps before the screen panned directly to Emilia. First, they said "the kitty is so pretty" then "the kitty is so awesome" and finally "the kitty is so sad."
There's obviously a lot more to Emilia's character than we currently know (based on her actions), and I'm worried about what path Subaru will have to go down not only to get to know that character, but also to keep her safe!!

Can't wait for more of this!

I wish I could find the translated manga / LN / webtoons cause I heard there's like 5x the number of words compared to the Harry Potter series, and I want to know it all!
Well I downloaded all the episodes and I do not know what to do now o_O next season needs to come right now
@Alcides13 np~ they looked awesome and since I'm falling asleep I wanted to keep track of them so I could read them after work tomorrow XD
@Alcides13 @hikaymm well then I'd be happy to watch it. I'll be sure to let you guys know what I think once it's done
@AngelusLapis it is a godly show. A must see for sure lol
haven't yet seen it. I'm assuming it's good?
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