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I grew up in southern California with miles of wild life behind my backyard.

My family and I would always go hiking there and even in elementary and middle school we'd have trail runs for PE or just hiking for science class. From day one I was taught what to do when I saw a mountain lion.
Try to look a LOT bigger than they are. Put your hands up and scream, scare it away, don't run, etc.

Now that's a lot easier to do when you aren't a little 5-year-old boy playing in his backyard, so that's where badass moms come in.

Legend has it that when it comes to protecting their child, moms can wrestle a bear off their baby and it seems like one mom just proved that to be true.

According to CNN, the 5-year old was playing outside with his older brother when their mother heard screams.

She reportedly ran outside and “was able to physically remove her son from the mountain lion,” according to the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office.

The mother and son sustained some injuries, but both are fine.

Way to go Mama bear.

The kid's HEAD was in the lion's MOUTH! That mom is beyond badass! I hope her son heals up well. I know she had a lot of scratches, too, but I will bet she doesn't even notice.
mothers/women are superior! lol
Moms will do anything to protect their children!