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WARNING: Humor, Feels
You spend the next thirty minutes downloading the app on her phone. The group doesn’t have smart phones, just ones that make calls. Anyone wishing to speak with her will have to make sure she has her phone with her; at least until she can learn some Korean or the rest of you some Japanese.
You hand the ear piece to N and show him how to work it with through her phone. You tell him to go ahead and speak to her in Korean. He looks nervous but excited and turns to her..
“Can you really understand me?”
Her smile covers her whole face as once more she throws herself in his arms. His smile matches hers as he wraps his arms tightly around her, then leads her off to talk.
Arms suddenly encircle you from the back and you lay your head against Leo’s chest. He kisses the top of your head and squeezes you tighter.
“My beautiful, tender hearted Jagi. I’ve never seen N this happy, thank you.”
His whispering in your ear has sent goose bumps up and down your arms. He feels you shiver and turns you in his arms, “Are you cold?”
You wrap your arms around his waist, shaking your head.
“Far from it. Hearing you whisper in my ear does interesting things to me.”
The concern leaves his face and is soon replaced by amusement and mischief.
“It does, does it?” He leans down and puts his mouth on your ear, “Maybe we should only communicate this way from now on then.”
Shivers race up and down your back and you involuntarily clench up your shoulders. He laughs a deep, seductive chuckle. You can hear a few coughs coming from behind him. He lifts his head, looks down into your eyes and smirks.
“Are you hungry? I believe it’s past time for breakfast.”
He looks around the room, “Has anyone made breakfast or have you all spent the morning gawking at N’s mate?”
The members look offended but ashamed at the same time. He shakes his head at them.
“I should take [YN] out for breakfast and let you animals fend for yourselves.” As voices start to speak up all at once, he holds a hand up to quiet them.
“She wouldn’t let me, you know that, quit being babies.”
You can’t help but laugh as you lead the group of moaners into the kitchen and set them about preparing different parts of the meal. Within a half hour the food is ready and on the table. You send Leo to go check on N and his mate. It will be nice when you can speak with her more and learn things like her age, where she’s from, etc.
You decide to keep your part of the table conversation to a minimum and just the boys talk at breakfast. You don’t want her to feel any more out of place then she already must. You feel that if you were to join the conversation, she would feel totally alone.
Your chore today is dishes; as the group clears the table, you prepare the water. A small hand appears on your arm and you turn to see her tentatively smiling up at you. You take your earpiece out of your pocket and turn your phone on.
“May I help you?” She has such a soft, pretty voice.
“I would love that, thank you. It will give us a chance to chat and get to know each other.”
She smiles and nods as you hand her a dish towel for drying.
It takes just a moment before you start, “I’m curious, how did you know my name?”
Her smile gets bigger as you hand her the first cup to dry.
“Hakyeon told me your names when we would meet in our dreams. He told me that Taekwoon had found you and how happy the two of you were.”
She hesitates, looking down and off to the side.
“He’s seemed so sad for the longest time. I know he's wanted to meet me but I couldn’t leave my grandmother.”
You stop washing and turn at the tone of her voice.
“Your grandmother? Is she ill?”
She swallows and places the next dish on the counter.
“Not anymore. She died last week.”
Your eyes grow big at her confession. You quickly dry your hands and pull her into a hug. “I’m so sorry. You were alone taking care of her? Was she your only family?”
She solemnly nods as she returns your hug.
“She raised me. She left me an inheritance; it was enough to get me here and not much else.”
She pulls out of your embrace and picks up the next dish, trying to keep busy.
“She had a good life and gave one to me. She was in pain at the end, it is better for her to not be in pain anymore. I will miss her, but now I can be with Hakyeon.”
She looks up with a mysterious smile, “I’ve made him wait long enough.”
You look over at her questioningly at that comment. Your raised eyebrow prompts her to continue. Your eyes getting bigger as she tells their story.
“We have been dreaming for over a year. I was a student at the University when a friend dragged me to a music festival. She had these really great tickets and spots on the red carpet. His group walked up and stopped right in front of us. I knew the minute I saw him that I belonged to him. I know he felt me, he searched the crowd but I couldn’t get past the person in front of me. We started dreaming that night; he said it was the same for you and Taekwoon?”
You nod over at her with a smile. “So, what’s the wait?”
She drops her head, a shy smile on her face.
“My grandmother got sick the next day. I knew if we bonded as souls that I couldn’t stay away from him physically. There are stories among my people of those that bonded and then couldn’t meet together physically. They died; so I’ve made him wait.”
Understanding crosses your face and you nod, showing her you would have done the same. “I can’t imagine the hell you’ve been going through this past year, you and N both. He's known you were hurting. Leo said there were days he was like a demon with a toothache, not knowing where to put his frustration and anxiousness. He wanted to be there for you."
She looks up and gives you an impulsive hug. “I know. Thank you. I wasn’t sure anyone else would understand.”
You have to laugh.
“Same! It’ll be so nice to have you here, someone who really gets what's going on.”
The two of you laugh, now having a sisterly bond.
She looks at you, away, then back again.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Of course! Didn’t we just decide that?”
“Well, yeah but this one is more personal.”
You clean out the sink and hang the towels to dry. Grabbing a couple of drinks from the fridge you motion her over to the table.
“Ask me anything.”
“What was it like; for you and Leo, you know, when your souls bonded?”
Awwww that is so precious!!!!
so good!!
ooohhh girl be curious as a feather... heehee 😀😀😀
So sweet. And it's nice to know more about my new sister. So happy for N, now I just gotta worry about the rest of the boys! Especially my Ravi.
I know and I love you even more for it!
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