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Soneul deureo nan freeze! Armor down!
Nananana nanana nanana
Nal chagapge naechyeodo gwaenchanha
Tteonal su eopseo chained up chained up
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1. Hyuk's most valuable belonging is a necklace that his older sister bough him. 2. Whenever Leo finds a 'Fault" in his singing, He doesn't feel like eating or sleeping until he is able to correct it. 3. In 2014, Hongbin was ranked #1 to being naturally handsome. 4. Ravi's most valuable possession is his Lyrics Notebook. 5. To Hyuk, "N is like an Ahjumma. He has mother-like tendencies, He tries to take care of everyone." 6. Other than Ravi, Everyone in VIXX is the maknae in their family. 7. Hyuk's ideal type is a girl who is cute and feminine. 8. Leo's ideal type is a girl who is sensible and has a first good impression. 9. Hyuk likes to sing to EXO. 10. N insists that Ravi is polite and respectful to women but rude to men. 11. Hongbin says he would want to be Ken because of his great singing voice. 12. Ken is always late for everything. 13. "I want to be a husband that will always make my wife's heart flutter." -Ravi. 14. In VIXX's 'Rock Your Body," A sign at the beginning of the MV says, 'WARNING CHILDREN LEFT UNATTENDED WILL BE TRADED FOR DONUTS.' 15. Hyuk was inspired to be a singer after watching Justin Beiber's 'Baby.' {Justin is a blessing and a curse!!!!!!} 16. Before debuting, Ken had a girlfriend... {OPPA WAE?!?! Jk Love you} 17. N ripped his jacket during the performance of VooDoo Doll on Music Core (131123) 18. Hongbin wants to be Captain America. 19. Ken's ideal type is a girl who does a lot of aegyo. 20. During his 10s, Hyuk would often go to Cyber Café for 24 hours. 21. Leo thinks he is the member who has the coolest charms, The coldest heart and has a manly, chic like appearance. 22. Before staying with Jellyfish, N auditioned for YG, SM and JYP. 23. When he was younger, Hongbin wanted to become a veterinarian. 24. Hongbin is left handed. 25. When Ken notices a sleep talker, He tries to carry a conversation. 26. N has a diary. His diary is his most valued possession. 27. Leo is ambidextrous. 28. Hyuk was given a doll by his teacher. He named it Leo. 29. If Leo was forced to pick a member to date his older sister, He would choose Hyuk 30. Ken actually needs to wear glasses but he wears contact lenses to avoid controversy. 31. Hongbin wants to collaborate with SHINee's Taemin if he had the chance. 32. The choreography for 'Hyde' was only practiced for 2 weeks prior to the comeback. 33. Hyuk, Ravi and Leo are all blood type O. Hongbin is B, N is A, and Ken is AB. 34. Hongbin and Hyuk were really awkward but they became close after MYIDOL ep.4 35. When Leo is having a hard time, He takes out his Rosemary (From his mom) and feels comfortable.
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Lol I thought so...
Um did you mean Rosary instead of Rosemary? 😅
Everything was new to me but the sign with WARNING CHILDREN LEFT UNATTENDED WILL BE TRADED FOR DONUTS...was prob the best! lmao!!
@mkbmccann Yes OMG xD Thanks for pointing it out xD