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"MinAh-ya! MinAh-ya! Wait! Where are you going? Wait! Talk to me!"
I can hear how scared he is.
How desperate he is.
My best friend.
My first love.
The one person I could talk to....
The one person in the entire world who understood me....
MinJae, my little brother had just left this world and no words could describe how I felt. Angry, sad, depressed, upset... Just a mix of emotions that came crashing down on me. Why couldn't the doctors help him? Why did he have to leave me? Did I not take care of him enough? Was I not destined for happiness?
I felt like dying.
Suddenly it felt like I was flying. I couldn't feel anything.
No pain... Nothing.
I saw a light and I knew that within a certain amount of time, I'd be happy. I see a blurry face hovering over me, tears filling in his eyes.
He whispers "MinAh-ya... Please don't leave me. I lo..."
I hear sirens, and then everything goes black...
Hey guys!
So... As you know, every week one of our writers at @KpopINT is releasing a fanfic.... This is a preview for my very first fanfic... I'm not much of a writer, so my story might not be as good as everyone elses, but... yeah... I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but if you would like to be tagged and you're not already part of our taglist, feel free to comment down below! Thank you! *bows and hides under a rock*
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Writer: Shey💕 @ParkHwaYoung

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Oh gosh 😂
Lol @kpopbeat well... You're doing a wonderful job 😂😹😂😹
@kpopbeat .... *shys away* stahp 💩
@JamiMilsap thank you! -Shey💕
@ParkHwaYoung of course I am!
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